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It’s time the music scene does a little better. Cares a little more, and is just an all-around safer environment. The non-profit society Good Night Out is pioneering this movement and taking action to make this community a better place.

Good Night Out

Their Story

Sexual harassment is an ugly, scary, but very real thing, and it’s happening all around us. Good Night Out is looking to create a community capacity that can prevent and respond to all gender-based harms. A safe environment for everyone needs to be the new norm.

Starting back in 2014, Good Night Out partners up with teams, like Electric Hawk, to raise confidence, skill, and makes sure our team feels like a safe space to those around us. They provide an hour and a half long workshop to help better understand and respond to harassment and assault.

Good Night Out

Their Work

Previously, Good Night Out teamed up with the electronic goat and all-around production madman, G Jones. Tackling his Ineffable Truth tour, working together to create posters and social media graphics all about safety and consent, creating an SOS Card, which is a tool to help fans get help if anything made them feel uncomfortable during the show. They also wrote up a safety rider for G Jones. This included things to ask the venue to help keep show-goers safety a top priority. Security check-list and crew training (from sound and light operators to the openers) were also provided. The response to their work was amazing and encouraging. Good Night Out spoke so highly of G Jones and his determination to make the scene a better and safer place.

Our Commitment

The Electric Hawk team has committed to addressing sexual violence in the music community. Now, thanks to the Good Night Out workshop, our team feels confident addressing these issues and pushing for change. The workshop was beyond informative, transformative, and influential.

Good Night Out

We urge everyone across all music scenes to look into Good Night Out and pay attention to their mission. It’s time to raise the safety standards in this community, and Good Night Out is ready to teach us how.

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