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Saka reveals a stunning two-track EP, Split Punch/Wing Chun, dropping with Gud Vibrations on April 30. Saka never fails to impress fans and peers alike, meanwhile endlessly developing his unmistakable sound. The team at Gud Vibrations recognized his intoxicating talent and released his latest tracks, Split Punch” and “Wing Chun.”

Slander praises Saka for his impeccable two-track EP, Split Punch/Wing Chun.

After experiencing an explosive year for his music in 2020, Saka wasted no time continuing a similar trend. “Stasis,” his first track of the year, dropped with the widely respected Inspected Collective on Powered by Inspected – Series 2. Then, listeners were overjoyed to hear a highly anticipated collaboration between Saka and vide, “reflection,” when vide released his rain EP. Most recently, Saka self-released “SALVO” and hosted a remix contest for this track with Audius. Indeed, Saka continues to make bigger moves for his musical career. Split Punch/Wing Chun releasing on Gud Vibrations enables his music to reach a new audience.

Saka infuses his signature neuro flavors with leftfield bass and other genres on this two track EP.

In “Split Punch,” Saka experiments with contrasting moods and textures. He shows off his masterful sound design with rumbling frequencies and gritty samples. However, he always balances the industrial darkness with flourishes of beauty; Saka incorporates his signature celestial twinkling in “Split Punch.” Meanwhile, he punctuates musical phrases with bouncy percussive elements. He breathes life into this track, as well as telling a short story in the track, with the ghostly interlude and outro.

saka two track ep
Portrait of Saka, shot by @karsonwhy.

Conversely, “Wing Chun” sounds like the theme song to a cybernetic action movie. In fact, the martial arts movie, Ip Man, inspired this track. Saka creates an energetic track that fuels a fighting spirit. This driving track is reminiscent of Skope’s style, an artist that Saka cites as being a sonic influence. There’s notes of drum and bass and experimental trap underlining the hip-hop and glitch apparent in “Wing Chun.”

Undeniably, Saka is coming up in electronic music. His fans and musical peers recognize his immense talent, and it is rightfully garnering the attention of industry giants. Gud Vibrations dropping this two-track EP, Split Punch/Wing Chun, is the latest example of Saka unabashedly making his music known.

Listen to Split Punch/Wing Chun below, out now on Gud Vibrations.

Cover art for Split Punch/Wing Chun by ROBOTO.

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