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Go hard! Go big! How about “Goku” and blast ’em with a spirit bomb! Dubstep superstar, TVBOO, brings the bass and the nostalgia with his new track, and best believe its power level is over 9,000!

goku tvboo
Portrait of TVBOO.

Like a Super Saiyan, TVBOO seems to get stronger with every release. I’m still riding the high of his recent collab, “DRUGS!” with CHOMPPA. Then boom, here’s a nostalgic piece of filth for ya.

“Goku” is fortified with unique basslines and clips from the nostalgic show. This track goes dummy hard. . . I still can’t find my pants. I was not expecting that drop; the heavy, distorted sounds encompass your senses, and the only thing I can think of is going absolutely ape$#!t when I hear this on a proper sound rig.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, and especially Goku. When I was making this song, I wanted to match the energy that [the] show would give me as a kid. I wanted this song to slam like a giant energy blast, and I believe I nailed it.


TVBOO, also known as Mitch, has been a powerhouse lately. From working with other iconic artists such as G-Rex, Jantsen, and Runnit to self-releasing “Goku,” my man has been putting in that work!

When you have a personality larger than an eighteen-wheeler dump truck, the talent just falls right off ya.

He channels this charisma into no only his music, but also into his podcast series, “TVLKS with TVBOO.” It is filled with chaos, mild takes, high-caliber guests, and it’s all woven together with his outspoken southern personality. 12/10 recommend for the whole TVBOO experience.

You, too, can “Goku” by listening here:

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