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sebjin continues to show his versatility and artistry in his newest single, “JUICE”. Out now via Wormhole Music Group, we are greeted by staticky, deep bass to only be ushered into a dreamy, synth-filled wonderland of sound. sebjin is hands down one of the most talented up-and-coming artists in the bass scene right now, and he continues to deliver with this track.

sebjin can truly produce anything. From the hardest-hitting trap to the lighter more ambient sounds, you can tell he knows his way around FL. In “JUICE”, sebjin flexes his knowledge of synths and digitized bass to bring us a highly atmospheric track.

sebjin mentioned he “wanted to create something energetic and varied in terms of colors and atmospheres.”

His tracks are so unique and pull in so many different, yet specific, aspects of his signature sound design. We last heard from sebjin through our NEST series, where he debuted a beautiful ethereal track called “Ease,” a sonic departure from his harder discography. 

Looking into how he constructs songs and pieces his tracks together is really insightful. He recently posted a video to IG where he pulls in retrowave synths, snares, vocal samples, and some deep frequency bass to make a distinctly “sebjin” track.

Layered with depth, he is always hitting the mark when it comes to making us feel the track. We cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us this year.

Go check out his latest “JUICE” down below, and follow him for updates!

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