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Grab your surfboard – Noah B is bringing on the wave with his third LP, Heavy Armor. The LP is OUT NOW on and we want you to hear it.

This album from Noah B is full of distinct versatility and intense engagement. From beginning to end, we are devoted to the soundscapes that the artist has curated specifically for your ears.

A journey across a range of genres and sounds ultimately brings the listener home, creating a sense of belonging and stripping away the armor that shields us from not just the world, but from our true selves.

The Heavy Armor LP debuted on October 29, streamed live on a listening party on’s Twitch channel.

Honestly, if it’s been hard for you to get into the wave movement, just listen to this album. Really listen. Front to back. From classic wave tracks like “Project Illusion”, to multi-genre tracks like “Distance” (dnb!!!!), and personal favorites, “Dawnbreaker” and “Cloudburst.”

We mean it when we say LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT FREAKING NOW. You deserve some music like this. knows how to do it for us, and we trust them to give only the best of the best: Noah B included.

Listen to Heavy Armor from Noah B here:

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