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At Electric Hawk, we know we are not the only ones counting down until Kasbo’s sophomore album arrives. Luckily, the Sweden talent has returned with his second offering from The Making of a Paracosm to tide us over. Kasbo delivers “Show You,” nearly a month following the album’s first single, “Play Pretend.” Sit back and grab a cup of your favorite tea because this track feels like a warm hug after a long day.

Kasbo truly takes us back to his roots with “Show You.”

Kasbo carries listeners to another world, through his lush soundscapes and use of beautifully distorted vocal chops. “Show You,” which is bursting with soft piano progression and blissful drops, does just that for us. Kasbo combines his nostalgic sound we all adore, with hints of moodiness, as heard in “Play Pretend.” We can always count on that familiar cohesiveness that lingers through his music to lift us up! In a press release, Kasbo describes the emotion-evoking track as a “beautiful soft-spoken love song.” Clearly, he is setting the mood for The Making of a Paracosm, and we are smitten.

kasbo show you electric hawk

There is no denying our excitement for this album, which will arrive on October 23rd via Foreign Family Collective and Counter Records. Until then, you can enjoy Kasbo’s magic through “Show You.” Be sure to watch its simple, yet meaningful visualizer here!

Listen to “Show You”:

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