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Mindtality Releases Stunning New ‘Refrakted’ LP

A big proponent in exploring genres, Mindtality gives us a taste of all of the sounds that he fine-tuned to create the new Refrakted LP project. He has embraced the duality of the energy and the calm with this LP, entangling them together in a way to express complete musical fluidity.

With every release so far, Mindtality has kept us excited for more. Diving into Refrakted, we’re able to experience what we describe as an ever-flowing watercolor painting of a project. “Prairie Creek” creates a picture of a beautiful summer day with the perfect amount of heaviness. On the other hand, “I Dropped My Smoothie” and “Interlocked” get us rocking with some harder style bass.

Mindtality mesmerizes and pulls listeners in with Refrakted.

Refrakted is one of my oldest collections of songs, spanning back to early 2019. This album includes two uptempo tracks inspired by the aspect of live performances and crowd engagement (the middle being a tropical groove to reminisce on my times in Roatan), and two downtempo tracks to close out the album that really hit home to my emotions during this pandemic.

– Mindtality
mindtality Refrakted LP

Mindtality shares the story behind the artwork for Refrakted LP.

The artwork is a beautiful painting by Kyle Boich (@artbykoi), visually remixed in collaboration with Andrew Hunter (The Void Media).

“The idea behind this artwork came from one of my live performances where Kyle was working on this exact piece during the show. After performing, I came over and began falling in love with the progress of the painting. Through talking with Andrew, he came up with an amazing unique twist of the painting that fits the vibe of the album perfectly.”

Mindtality is happy to finally introduce his Refrakted LP. Sit back, relax, and stream it here.

Album art by Kyle Boich (artbykoi) & remixed by Andrew Hunter (The Void Media).

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