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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Connection, the first full-length project from Supertask since 2019, just dropped. This album is a true embodiment of all things that make Supertask. Demonstrating his undeniable ability to harvest raw emotion strictly through sound. Connection serves as an entrancing listening experience, and we can’t wait to dive in.

Kyle Bishoff, better known as Supertask, has had us hawks on the edge of our nest for months. Just this week, he’s fresh off his Choose Your Own Adventure Bicycle Day Stream, which was an absolutely mind-boggling experience. The announcement of a vinyl campaign and an exclusive interview with our very own EIC, Hayden. Now, we are gifted Connection—eight beautifully crafted tracks merging sound and emotion. We suggest you go ahead and take a seat before pressing play and getting on this ride.

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Supertask knew exactly what he was doing, making this the title track and first taste of what this album has to offer. It’s gripping and intoxicating. Listeners reluctantly follow the flow as it softly guides us through the track. Elements like the percussions and the simple “connection” vocal sample fuel this already burning fire. We’re only one track deep, and I already have no words.


Immediately bringing in that hip-hop flavor that Supertask frequently pulls inspiration from, the beat fluidity on this track is immeasurable. Accompanied by what feels like hundreds of layers of haunting sounds, this track is an in-depth tour of all the fibers that make up the Supertask sound we know and love.


Fans had been patiently awaiting some new Supertask, and “Terms” was immediate confirmation that the wait would be worth it. Dropping about a month ago, it became the moment we knew this album was about to be a serious situation. “Terms” will leave you questioning “how??” How was he able to incorporate every element you need to form the perfect song in such a short time frame? A true flex of talent.


Not to be dramatic, but I’ve listened to “Gateway” at least 30 times since it dropped at midnight. An uncontested album favorite for me. The track itself acts as a gateway transporting the listener to a new realm. Hypnotizing harmonies mesh effortlessly with the deep soundscapes. Beat switches and tempo changes will leave you guessing till the very end.


“Escape” closes out the album by giving us a soft forehead kiss and tucking us into bed. With a sound that’s fragile yet powerful, it allures listeners. Signing off with elegance, “Escape” opens the floor for reflection and interpretation. Offering a final few moments of serenity before the track and album finish and we flashback to reality.

I’ve spent my fair share of time with this album over the past few weeks. It’s seen me through sunrises, sunsets, rainy days, still moments in my room, and so much more. I can confidently say Supertask did the damn thing, making something that will age perfectly through time and mold favorably to every situation. Connection was pure listening pleasure and something I’ll be trying to wrap my mind around for days to come.

Dive into Connection below!

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