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Underground star TINK and eclectic trap duo U.O.ME join forces to bring a real heater of an experimental trap tune. Releasing on No Hype Music, this fresh and heavy track will satisfy that craving to rage.

Starting with reverberating hits of a piano key, they captivate the listener throughout the intro. Dropping some hard kick/snares, they bring the listener up and drops them in a sea of deep percussive goodness.

Next Up is sure to touch any audiophile in all the right places.

Yeeaaahhh, can you feel the itch in your ear being scratched? TINK and U.O.ME actually owe me some new eardrums, ‘cus what is this right now? “Next Up” is some seriously high-caliber stuff, and with shows coming back I can’t wait to hear this rinsed during sets.

TINK Next Up
TINK // Photo provided by Instagram

‘Next Up’ is a demonstration of me and U.O.ME both pushing our sounds, trying something fresh and unique. We aimed to create a song that used the fundamentals of trap and hip-hop production while expressing our love for bass music and aggressive sound design.


Expression is something that TINK does all too well. Flashback to the Express & Destroy EP, whew. “Next Up” is no different but tells the tale in a different way. The bass and experimental trap go together like PB&J, with the heavy percussion being the bread that holds it together.

Check out “Next Up” here!

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