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A Hundred Drums drops “Stark,” her first single of the year. Unveiled on April 16, this deep dubstep track is visceral, but still reflects her patient, psychedelic style. A Hundred Drums sets the tone for a powerful year with the release of “Stark.”

a hundred drums stark
Cover art for “Stark” by Infinite Konceptz.

A Hundred Drums combines celestial and hip-hop influences with the roots of bass music to synthesize her signature sound. During 2020, she dropped tracks including “Bonded” and “19,” two prime examples of her dark psychedelic production. Conversely, A Hundred Drums showed her range with the release of her lo-fi EP, Sonder. However, her dynamic abilities caught label attention even before this series of instrumentals. Before the pandemic hit, Gravitas Recordings released her self-titled album. A Hundred Drums will definitely be heard on sound systems this year, as well, as festivals like Sound Haven safely return. “Stark” is a strong precedent for a great year, and there will undoubtedly be more buzz surrounding A Hundred Drums.

“Stark” mixes heavy and hypnotic.

“Stark” opens up with echoes interrupted by metallic clangs. This establishes a haunting atmosphere that is maintained throughout the track. A Hundred Drums utilizes many different percussive elements and textures, and she adds reverb to enthrall the listener; she shrouds them in a cloak of darkness. Deep, dominating laser sounds punctuate this hypnotic state. Following this first stanza is a soothing interlude. Ghostly crooning joins the metallic clanging heard in the introduction. The second stanza captures the listener once again in the mesmerizing soundscape. The echoes of subtle samples and the somniferous nature of this track lull listeners into playing the track over and over again.

a hundred drums stark
Self-portrait of A Hundred Drums.

A Hundred Drums entices fans with her deep, psychedelic dubstep and bass tunes. Her album release with Gravitas Recordings is an example of the eyes on her, and the ears listening to her production. “Stark” is bound to attract even more eyes and ears; rumor has it, she has some bigger things coming this year. Don’t miss out on watching A Hundred Drums continue to grow!

Listen to “Stark” below, and be sure to follow what A Hundred Drums has coming soon!

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