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Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. Not my words, but the words of Queen‘s lead singer, Freddie Mercury, singing “Bicycle Race.” It’s also the words of Super Future when he was planning his curated Bicycle Day stream with Electric Hawk. Super Future has been known for creating bass ballads, but recently he’s been throwing in some lighter and more chill tunes into the mix. With that in mind,  Mr. Future took some time to prepare a lineup that is molded around the trippy day… AKA, this upcoming stream will have some very special downtempo sets.


Now when I think of a Night Flight, downtempo Bicycle Day style, I think of the scene in E.T where they are lifting off on the bike. With that being said, come take off with us on the unique experience of Night Flight: Bicycle Day Edition. This Saturday, five fine producers will design special downtempo bass sets for an emotional experience. Floret Loret, Molokai, and Common Creation join in on the fun with Super Future for the Bicycle Day stream. You can RSVP for the stream here.

But Dad, what the heck is Bicycle Day?

Good question son. Bicycle Day is this coming Monday, and it honors the anniversary of the first-ever LSD trip on April 19th,1943 done by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann. So no, it’s not about the titanium frame on wheels. But Hofmann did experience his trip while riding a bike home with his lab assistant. If you are curious yourself, we do advise that you test anything you receive, be safe, and be sure to know your risks if you decide to indulge! Dance Safe is an incredible resource.

Tune in on at 7 PM CST on April 17th for Night Flight: Bicycle Day Edition curated by Super Future. See you in the chat!

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