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G-Odyssey is fresh on the scene with his new debut EP, Dream Killer. The anticipated and lively project is out now on Wavecraft Collective. The New England producer has no walls up in terms of his creative limits, but G-Odyssey especially likes to dabble around with heavier bass lines and modular synths when making music. Dream Killer EP is a must-listen if you’re a fan of experimental or modular synths and that booming but gritty trap and garage sound. The three-track EP has a little bit of everything, from heavy bass to ambience.

Dream Killer starts with the title track, and it is the drop of serotonin I needed – some big. room. energy.

The booms of an 808, the aggressive variety of drums, modular synths, and the altered, almost robotic, vocals… makes me wish I had Funktions in my bedroom. G-Odyssey took inspirations from the infamous samples popularized by names like G Jones and Chee, and really ran in his own direction with it. “Dream Killer” takes you on a wild ride so fast, it’s like you blink and miss it and wanna get back in line and do it again. But before you know it, you’re drawn into “Abstract//Narrative” his intense ambient track two.

Concluding the three-track EP, “Pennies” shows off G-Odyssey’s love for modular sound design. With an enchanting progression and deep, dark undertones of the bassline, listeners are lured into an emotional track with a variety of wave, trap, and dubstep elements. The unique but subtle switch-ups make for a hypnotizing track, and overall one hell of a debut project.

Stream G-Odyssey’s debut EP, Dream Killer here:

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