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If you don’t know me then you might not know that I’m a sucker for a pretty piano melody. So when I listened to the debut EP for Juuku, Warmth, for the first time, it was such a hot piece of music I melted. The piano fades in and out of the music’s composition creating something that sounds almost familiar, that looks almost familiar, something that you feel like you know and understand despite it being completely foreign.

Put on your headset for this VR Experience

Not only is every single song on the EP a blend of amazing melodic bass, but Juuku also attempts to bring to life their music in a way we don’t really get to see very often. In the VR experience they released along with the EP, they have created landscapes so real that you feel you could touch the surfaces if you could just reach out far enough. Visually pleasing, this experience adds a new element of life to the project. It’s even an enjoyable watch from a computer screen if you don’t have VR access.

This EP, released by Moving Castle Music, is the perfect morsel of music. It leaves you feeling satisfied without overstuffing you to the point of sickness. The title track “warmth” is a contradiction in the making, compelling the particles in the air around you to literally move faster through the air, heating it up in the process of listening to the slowest song on the EP. “beneath us” is reminiscent of older Rufus Du Sol, a feeling of bottled sunshine, a light in the dark. Along with a song featuring Manilla Killa, there is so much to this music project despite it being just an EP.

Juuku EP Warmth
Artwork by Juuku

Juuku’s debut EP, Warmth, is a project that I’ve had quite the trouble finding the proper words for. It lies in a realm of understanding that is hard to accurately portray in the chicken scratch we use to communicate. This immensely enjoyable EP is a debut that Juuku should be proud of. To burst onto the scene with a soft bang and heavy beating of the heart as he has is an impressive feat.

Listen to the new EP ‘Warmth’ by Juuku now!

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