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UNKNWN has been on fire as of late. Two months ago he dropped his mix of unreleased tunes, “The Purple Fern” and absolutely blew us away. We were able to sit down with him for an interview a month later and asked if any of those would be released anytime soon. “Absolutely,” he told us. Starting off with, “Runnin’,” one of our favorites is back with another mind-melter in, “All Love.


UNKNWN takes on another nature-inspired journey.

In his interview, UNKNWN said that he wanted to “write music that was all related at its core.” The statement gave imagery of roots being dug into the ground and flourishing out into a fully bloomed forest. “All Love” paints that descriptive picture perfectly through sound. Starting off with the dreamy ringing of chimes, it seems as if we are about to enter an ethereal, dreamlike scene. But that thought is quickly diminished. An ominous-sounding bass noise fights its way into the mix. The bass line quickly intensifies, sending us down a more sinister path into the spooky world of UNKNWN.

UNKNWN takes us down this path for a little bit, slowly nudging us towards the drop. The way he builds anticipation in this one is masterful, leaving us hanging on the edge of every note. On the drop, the sharp experimental noises begin to shine. In his interview, UNKNWN mentions that he is inspired by all the stuff CharlesTheFirst & Of The Trees puts out. That inspiration is heard through this drop, as the sound design and flow sounds similar to what I would imagine that collaboration would sound like. It really is that good.

Once again, UNKNWN has provided us with magical content to feast our ears upon. Also, it is extremely exciting to know that there is a lot more where that came from. He still has plenty to release from “The Purple Fern” tape!

Listen to “All Love” below, out now on Wubaholics!

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