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About a month ago, we all witnessed the return of KRANE after a several-year hiatus to put out his 7-track album, Getting Better. And just a few weeks ago, KRANE teamed up with some of the scenes up and comers to create his latest piece of work SESSIONS, Vol. 3. This album sees KRANE flex his production prowess, putting out songs from future bass, to trap, and even wave. Each song in the 9-track collaboration album has something unique about it, and so does each artist he teams up with.

But how does KRANE pick the artists for SESSIONS?

KRANE’s SESSIONS albums are crowdsourced, meaning he asks aspiring artists to submit demos to his website. After sifting through, KRANE then picks the ones that stand out the most to him. After selecting, KRANE goes back and forth with the producer to work on the track until it’s at chefs’ kiss levels of perfection.

KRANE summed it all up with this quote.

SESSIONS is a way for me and my community of producers to collaborate on tracks, and influence each other’s production styles – it is a project where I’m going to try and work with as many of you as I have time. No matter what the size or style, and help get you the attention your art deserves.”


And yes he said ALL ARTISTS GET CREDITED for those in the back that didn’t hear. Speaking of the artists, let’s see who is on this album!

“Reva” feat. Heimanu

Anyone order some wave? KRANE teams up with Heimanu for the first track of the album “Reva.” This one starts off with futuristic chords that gradually build up into a HUGE crescendo. The pitched-up “Alive” vocal from Krewella’s song adds some spice to the build-ups as well. A hot start to the album I must say.

“Coastal” feat. Capshun

Piano chords awaken the birds, who are chirping in their nest on a fine spring morning. With its ethereal melodies and soothing beat, Capshun and KRANE make magic, sprinkling in some serotonin to a diverse lineup of songs. “Coastal” is probably one of the most wholesome tracks on the album.

“Startup” feat. Neon Sound

We up the tempo with the next tune “Startup.” If you’re looking for hard-hitting future bass, look no further than this song. Neon Sound teams up with the guy that knows a thing or two about future bass, and it’s a match made in heaven. Man if I heard this live I would lose my mind!

“Sea of Flowers” feat. Akame

“Sea of Flowers” is a beautiful concoction of happiness and serenity. This collaboration with Akame provides the most chill vibes on the album with its plucky synths and excellent piano work.

“Wildfire” feat. Hypercolour

“Wildfire” is another big future bass vibe type beat. Hypercolour is the group involved with this song, which is a mysterious batch of artists that includes KRANE himself. 

“Mirror” feat. Acyan

Ight fellas, it’s time to go hard. Acyan is the featured artist on this collab as he and KRANE go ham on the turkey in this track. The quick pace and hard-hitting subs make this song a huge bass banger. (Do we say banger anymore? If so, I’m very very sorry to 2014 YouTubers for taking your phrase.)

“Fastlane” feat. Blue Cloud

“Fastlane” is actually an easy-going song, who would have thought? Blue Cloud and KRANE fuck around and vibe out in this one. I feel like my brain is getting a massage with the short little plucks and feel-good leads.

 “Pipeline” feat. Arbetter

The penultimate song, “Pipeline” brings some OG KRANE trap to the table. The duo of Arbetter and KRANE take metallic leads and use those samples in 3 unique drops and create absolute chaos.

“Lullaby” feat. Maazel

This song is the perfect end to a wonderful album. KRANE and Maazel produce a peaceful track that sings you to bed. Just like a “Lullaby” right? Anyways, we end on a wholesome note with some beautiful future bass leads and emotional piano chords. 

Just a wholesome group of homies on a wholesome collaboration album :’)

KRANE’s talent spreads even further to up and coming artists 

Krane has been helping build artists up, not only through SESSIONS but also through sample packs. Producers from all different genres can take a gander through Splice and browse at all the available noises that KRANE comes up with. Some of these samples you could recognize today in some artists’ productions, and even in pop artists’ songs as well!

The return of KRANE with these 2 albums has been welcome, and were ready to listen to his newest music on a huge speaker system.

Listen to SESSIONS, Vol. 3 by KRANE and friends below:

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