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We love keeping you up to date and stocking your playlists with new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist every single Friday. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. So, tune in to our weekly gift to the people we love most- YOU!

You get a Fresh Hunts Round Up, and you get a Fresh Hunts Round Up, and you get a Fresh Hunts Round Up...

You are certainly looking lovely this week… is that a new hair style? Or are you just naturally glowing all the time? We hope you’ve had a good week and are so happy to see you again. But enough flattery though, (not that you don’t deserve it) we have some new music to check out together.

‘What Do You Want’ – Acrillics

Compared to some of their other heavier tracks they have been releasing recently, this airy tune by Acrillics is a recent addition to our playlists from our friends over at Arcana Management. This track feels like 4 songs in one, incorporated seamlessly in such a way that it is almost like they are part of a special set that would be incomplete without even a single piece.

‘Does It Matter If You Do?’ – Kilamanzego

After her appearance on Farrah’s All-Stars stream that we hosted, we have been eagerly awaiting what comes next for Kilamanzego. One of the coolest things is finding an artist earlier on in their career, and watching them take a trip through the music world as they see it. This laid-back experimental glitch-hop tune is one of the many reasons we are so excited watch where Kilamanzego (“Kill-A-Man’s-Ego”) can go as a creative. We are buckled in for a great ride.

‘Believe’ – Aiden Williams

This is the type of song that blows away any expectations you could set for it. Wave music is a favorite of ours as always, so no surprise to find this new track from Aiden Williams. Both drops in the song are equally phenomenal and jaw-dropping. Aiden shows how adept they are in the world of sound.

‘EAST SIDE’ – Tape B x shwiLLy

Switching gears aggressively (so aggressively you can hear the grinding in this new track you’re about to listen to) Tape B and shwiLLy have come together to create a slammer of a track for THE NEST #054. It is the type of song you want to throw on when you have the windows down in the car and end up taking the long way home.

‘Knockin’ – ghl

Taking a step backward to THE NEST #053 and forward into the darkness. This dub tune reaches the darker parts of your soul. Masterfully created by ghl, the tiny elements of the song are impactful. It really will get your speakers knockin.

‘Colorblind’ – Rome in Silver feat. Biicla

Every piece of music Rome in Silver is on has a clear-cut stamp of his own creativity on it. Biicla adds the perfect dynamic with this sound to create a heavenly listening experience. Thankfully, Rome in Silver said we should expect more collaborations to come from the two.


“The start of a story that I’ve been wanting to tell for a very long time is finally beginning to unfold. see you on the other side..” ALEPH states on this release. The energy communicated in this song is so heartfelt and genuine. Thank goodness that this is just the first release of so many. After listening to this track we are eager for the next chapter in this story to unfold.

‘Full Tilt’ – Vorso

Music with heavy bass has the capability to fill a space in a way that is sometimes incomparable to other types of music. Man, does the room feel packed to the brim when listening to this new EP from Vorso. A collection of his most high energy songs from the past couple of years has us jumping up and down in our homes like we used to at those things called events that used to happen.

‘Endure’ – JKuch

With the perfect track to finish off our Fresh Hunts Round Up, JKuch has released an upbeat feel-good track with Phuture Collective. It is a combination of genuine creativity and skill that makes it a must-listen. It’s nothing less than what we’ve learned to expect from JKuch.

Listen to the rest of this weeks new music below!

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