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Cristina Soto continues her streak of bringing her classic, hit tracks to a new life with their acoustic renditions. Previously, Soto has released an acoustic version of classic tracks like “Painted White” with Illenium and “Still With Me” with Tritonal. Now, Soto brings her 2011 track “Lifted” into her acoustic catalog.

Embracing her folk roots, “Lifted” spans genres with its emotive lyrics. Stripping away the major trance and dance elements of the original track, this acoustic version of “Lifted” allows her vocals and lyrics to shine and come to the forefront. All of these acoustic versions of brought to life with the collaboration of Robert Soto on guitar and drums, Omar Vallejo on bass, and Haydn Vitera on strings.

“I was so excited to rework “Lifted” as an acoustic mix because the progression, melodies, and lyrics are strong, and I felt that it could stand the test of time. The message of imperfect love is also still a relevant one.”

Cristina Soto

Listen to “Lifted” here:

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