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G Jones b2b Virtual Self is a go. With rumors swirling leading to the announcement of the Second Sky lineup, the artists officially confirmed the special performance today. And as the rest of lineup continues to reveal more and more incredible acts, its clear you will want to be in Oakland, California on October 29th & 30th.

Both artists posted official confirmations of G Jones b2b Virtual Self on Twitter today!

Porter Robinson, the curator of Second Sky, and the persona behind the Virtual Self project, posted the below.

Virtual Self is the Porter side project that features a darker more industrial side of his art. Instead of leaning towards the inspiring, happy-go-lucky Nurture Porter who we know today, Virtual Self features more acid samples infused with breaks. Perfectly fitting with the style of the legendary G Jones, who posted the below clip. This gets us even more excited for this B2B.

The clip features a mashup of G Jones’ “Time” and Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts.” This is contributing to the already massive hype around the performance. With this edit basically already confirmed, we can only imagine what other mashups, edits and potential collabs the two might play out. This is huge for G Jones as well, who constantly reminds us that Porter is one of his biggest inspirations in music. If you are one of the lucky ones attending this set, take some videos. And consider yourself blessed.

Register for Second Sky early access ticket, here. We hope to see you there!

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