We’re all about hunting music for you. A brand made of fans for the fans. From the underground, to just simply our favorites, we’ll provide the fresh finds.

Our mission is to develop a strong music sharing culture within the community. Sharing music with one another is an indirect way of sharing experiences and connecting the artist to the listener. Our perfect world is one where fans share music with relentless passion and have it received by others with the same energy, lifting up artists even from deep underground the scene.

Our ways of connecting you to music ranges from our radio show with guest mixes, virtual music festivals, curated Spotify playlists, collective of our supported artists, written coverage on events and music from our team, and social media.

Record label. Artist Management and Consulting. Visual Production. PR and Advertising Services. Community.

Keep an eye out for us and we’ll keep an eye out for you. Giveaways, new music, artist coverage, and much more.

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