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Huge W’s on the timeline today as Wakaan Festival announces its return to the 2022 festival circuit. The Wakaan family sets its sights on Mulberry Mountain this September 28th – October 1st, 2022. Click HERE to pre-register for early ticket access! So, text your group or start planning solo because free-form bass music is flourishing this Fall. As we reminisce or look forward to a sea full of tie-dye blue and purple sublimated jerseys, let us remember the highlights from the last time Wakaan Festival happened in 2019.

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Key Moments of Wakaan Festival 2019

Liquid Stranger Downtempo set, early showcases of Space Wizard, Of The Trees, Tiedye Ky and more talented homies. The intimacy of the Wakaan Festival is a huge draw for fans. The ability to see the main stage from car camping creates this sense of grassroots organization and involvement that festival-goers do not typically experience at huge mainstream festivals. The artists playing the event typically take a few moments and talk to the crowd directly, thanking them for showing up and how much they appreciate getting support for doing what they love. On the other hand, couch pouches covered the Arkansas landscape, and everyone looked SUPER cool blowing them up, we promise. In 2019, Wakaan Festival featured one stage and one stage only, and it definitely got the people going. Will Ferrell would be proud. The stage design resembled the shape of an eye, leading to many people posting about their 3rd eye-opening after the first-ever Wakaan weekend.

Wakaan and Sskwan Development

As we look forward to the end of September, there has been so much development in the Wakaan World, making the lineup possibilities are endless. Since October of 2019, the Wakaan and Sskwan music labels have released a countless amount of quality music. As a result, inquiring and hopeful minds wish upon stars, dandelions, and even genies (no, not the dreaded couple walking around the lots selling bootleg merch) that Sskwan is a substantial part of the festival. Altogether, a downtempo night of slow beats and flowing basslines is just what the doctor and psychiatrist ordered. Yes, Liquid Stranger is actually our psychiatrist too. No, we are unsure if he has his MD, and no, we do not care.

Lineup goals for us at Electric Hawk HQ goes a little like this: Liquid Stranger (x9 sets), Mersiv (Pretty Dark Loud and Digital Eden), Tvboo (music and comedy set), Lab Group (come to class with me), Clozee, G Jones, Canabliss (check out her Wakaan debut EP, Plasma!), NotLö, Luczid, Hydraulix, Redrum, Subdocta, Veil, Tape B, Ravenscoon, Common Creation, SuperAve, Sully, Smoakland, Meduso, smith.; to name a few!

See You There!

As you plan out your festival and show schedule for 2022, do not leave Wakaan Festival off your list. The vibes are simply unmatched, the sound is top-notch, the people are kind, and the music is straight diesel. Who knows, maybe Shaq will even be there this year. Downtempo Diesel pre-party set has a certain ring to it. Either way, if Shaq is there or not, we hope to see YOU there. Unfortunately, the world may still feel a bit uncertain in 2022, but one thing is for sure; Wakaan Festival will be the place to be September 28th – October 1st, 2022.

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