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Well, this was unexpected… We get a big ol smack in the face with a new SuperAve and Creighfish track. The Subcarbon release, “Been That” will absolutely destroy your sound system with the heavy bass lines and insane samples throughout. I feel like I got slapped with the golden glizzy while listening to this song.

“Been That” literally gives you no breaks to breathe. 

20 seconds into the tune we get our first taste of da bass and golly gee jolly bee these two really nailed this song already. A mix of different samples and vocals rise up to a fat bassline being shoved down your throat. Toss in some metallic samples, some heavy and weird sounds, and a load of kicks as well. The second drop will also make you want to live in a giant speaker because the bass is just that f*cking good okay! Sorry, I got emotional there. But yeah the second drop combines some more unique samples that will make you buss. 

The unknown music genius known as SuperAve has previously released music with some bangin basslines like Chrome, No Good, and Telegraph. Creighfish (who surprisingly is not a fish, and probably doesn’t smell like one too. He probably smells very nice) released some sensation jams like a Humanoid 2.0 remix and a Missy Elliot flip that will make you throw your ass to the moon.

This is a MAJOR release for these two producers. Do not be surprised if you hear them on more big labels soon because this is just a start!

P.S. I will drink a fat bucket of glizzy water if SuperAve shows his face.

Listen to “Been That” below:

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