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So, this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down, in Iowa’s biggest town. Otherwise known as, the official Electric Hawk recap of Kosmic Kingdom 2021.

Once upon a time, the Sleepy Hollow Sports Park was the focal point of thousands of electronic music fans. Absolute legends such as Liquid Stranger, Rusko, and Jantsen, delivered some throat-closing bass to Kosmic Kingdom 2021. The last weekend of August provided cool weather and a slight breeze as the attendees wobbled their way across the drawbridge at the entrance. Des Moines, Iowa came in close contact with the wook-kind and we honestly love to see it.

Yheti @ Kosmic Kingdom 2021

Kosmic Kingdom Exceeded All Expectations.

Liquid Stranger(s) at Kosmic Kingdom 2021
Liquid Stranger(s) at Kosmic Kingdom 2021

Flights were boarded. Flights were delayed. Rental car taxes and fees were paid. All of it just to see a bunch of Wakaan artists, plenty of other dope artists – both underground and rising – and a throwback dubstep Liquid Stranger set. The weekend kicked off with Pleasure and Hoax, and it was immediately clear that we were all here for a party. Especially when Wakaan Daddy himself, Liquid Stranger, is responsible for closing out both nights.

The In-Between Was The Exquisitely Juicy Part.

An Electric Hawk favorite, Redrum, persevered through a scorching Iowa sun to deliver some of her new unreleased tracks on Wakaan. I’ll never forget the collective cry when Space Wizard played his remix of Rufus Du Sol’s legendary track “Innerbloom”. Boy did it feel like an LSDream.

Khiva performing
Khiva doing her thing

The Deep, Dark and Dangerous representative of the weekend, Khiva, dispatched her own version of live-rapping and the grimiest 808’s you’ve heard West of the Mississippi. Rumors are she even sat down on some milk crates with one of the Hawks and recorded a short interview. (Keep it on the DL though because she doesn’t know for sure if they were milk crates, they could have been soda, water, who knows)

Kosmic Freakin’ Kingdom Was As Magical As It Was Loud.

  • LSDream Kosmic Kingdom 2021
  • Tvboo Kosmic Kingdom 2021
  • Tvboo Kosmic Kingdom 2021
  • Rusko Kosmic Kingdom 2021

The Hennessey & Funktion-One Sound systems brought out into the middle of the forest in Des Moines practically slapped you on the rear end if you did not bring earplugs. In fact, our favorite artists that really twisted and tested these quality speakers include (but as always, not limited to) Tvboo (sick Peter Pan fit), Jantsen, Esseks, Yheti (finally heard the Medusa bootleg live), LSDream (Big ups to Mr. Ace of Cups), Zia (more energy than a monster), and Tsuruda.

Jantsen at Kosmic Kingdom
Jantsen in his White Tee

If the music was not your vibe for a set, no worries because the festival grounds were covered with local vendors, renaissance style food, and of course, PinStop Shop. Medieval era buildings were at every turn, and some festival fans were even seen climbing on top of them! Pretty sure they were wearing a Mello helmet.

The leagues of raging dubstep fans convened for the end of summer to blow bubbles and get down to “In My White Tee” by Jantsen. Reports from the festival suggest one attendee wore a black tee to the Boulder, Colorado native’s set; he was later seen heading to the side stage by security. Hope they’re doing okay.

Liquid Stranger and Kosmic Kingdom worked together to bring a top-notch lineup to the middle of Iowa.

With ethanol in our cars and bass in our hearts, this team could not lose. We here at Electric Hawk HQ thank the team behind Kosmic Kingdom. Furthermore, the bass music lovers of Iowa appreciate them, but the old grouchy couple down the road from the grounds are still cursing them. See you all at Sleepy Hollow Park next year and don’t forget to pick up some trash on your way out.

Liquid Stranger Kosmic Kingdom 2021

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