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The kinetic energy in the atmosphere is at astronomical levels now that Canabliss released her debut EP on WAKAAN, Plasma. The Toronto-based producer, amplifying her production skills since her “Freak It” single last summer. Now, Canabliss takes us on a sensational spiritual trip that explores the depths of the electricity that lies deep within everything in life.

Canabliss Plasma
Original EP Art by @anamassard

Electricity is everywhere, even in our own brains. ‘Currents’ is about forming connections spiritually and physically in life. In this EP, Plasma, I explored new sound design with tons of heavy bass and dark atmospheres to help express some of the more difficult times we experienced these past couple years. In Canada, we’ve still been pretty much locked down without any live music available, so writing music has been my primary outlet.


Exploring the inner spiritual-electricity of Plasma.

Before embarking into the depths of Canabliss’ EP, this is the perfect moment to set the environment to fully immerse yourself into her world. Now is the time to close your eyes, steady your own breathing, and allow yourself to feel the hairs along your arms stand. Canabliss is ready to guide us into the inner complexities of the electricity surrounding us.


Welcome into the magnetic eerie fields of Plasma and be prepared to keep your mind open for what you’re about to encounter. Canabliss starts off with the chilling ghostly vibes in her introduction. As you step closer to the gates, you charmingly are welcomed by a robotic essence. Nothing to worry about, as it boots up the cosmetic journey for you to witness. Immediately, once you step foot into the Plasma dimension, the electronic currents blast through your body. The spine-stimulating bass seeps into every inch of your body. Now absorbed into the stream, your body withdraws into the electromagnetic fields. And this is just the beginning of the journey that Canabliss has for you.


As the wise tale explains, it’s better to move slowly once you get trapped into quicksand. Canabliss takes the same approach as she invites us to gradually shift our bodies along to the bass. “Quicksand” gives us a chance to channel the electricity around our bodies and just be in sync with the motions. After all, there is nothing more powerful than the kinetic energy surrounding us. The mystical elegance that Canabliss creates hypnotically brings us into a trance.

“Safety Island”

Now we are truly deep into the enchanting soundscapes that Canabliss has set for us. As we head into the darker realms of the Plasma dimension. However, now wandering the misty environment to seek out our inner shelter. In the background, you can even start to hear the sirens calling for you. With the wailing echoes signalling where to head for safety, we can begin to feel the electric pull. Canabliss setting up the magnetic beacon for us to drag away from the darkness into the charged warmth. “Safety Island” has become the radiant beacon to remind us of the safety that lies waiting.


To conclude the mind-altering journey of Plasma, comes “Sojourn” – my personal favorite from Canabliss’ EP. To end our temporary stay within the electronic energy around us comes healing. Canabliss channels the electricity and uses it to mend the wounds that lie deep within ourselves. Although it is for a brief moment, Canabliss reminds us that the darkness can be relinquished with the light that encircles us. Through the frequencies and bass that the track embodies, comes an elegant conclusion to Plasma.

In short, Canabliss and her latest EP Plasma, are a limitless journey to further explore your aura. An EP that reminds you to let go and just let your body flow and heal. And through all the dark elements throughout Plasma, Canabliss reveals her emotions in each song. It is comforting knowing the energy we can unlock within ourselves. Nevertheless, the real power does come with the spark in our souls. So for the souls that want to embark on a spiritual journey, this EP is for you. Naturally, Canabliss made a piece of art that will continuously be in a lot of our own personal healings.

Canabliss continues energize the crowd in 2022!

After being locked down in Canada, Canabliss now gets the massive opportunity to showcase everything that she has been crafting up, in the US. Already on Liquid Stranger’s Balance Tour, then heading to a few select dates on REZZ’s Sprial Tour, this is just the beginning of her US performances. Later this summer, you can catch her at Forbidden Kingdom and Summer Camp. And surely there are more announcements to come from Canabliss; she is about to electrify each stage she steps on. As Canabliss kicks off the cosmic energy with her EP release, she will become an artist you don’t want to miss in 2022!

Photo Credit: @shutter.klick

Charge up with Canabliss and listen to Plasma below!

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