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How very typical of Flume to simply put up media links for a new album instead of announcing it like the rest of us plebeians. The king has returned with an invite to his castle. We are dressing up in our best outfits, getting ready to go on another trip through the music mind Palaces of Flume. Come along with us because the new album will be released on May 20, 2022. Within hours of its discovery is already highly anticipated.

Art Work courtesy of Johnathan Zaweda

The teasers drove us wild when he announced his new song “Say Nothing” Feat MAY-A releasing today on 2.22.22, and you bet your sweet behind that he didn’t give us a single crumb of information more than that. Suddenly the internet trolls found the information we had all been waiting for, and the pre-save link for Palaces by Flume, and the merch store update appeared. Yes, we already bought the Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl.

Not only this but it seems that the internet also dug up the full tracklist for the album. A full 13 songs with a perfect mix of features and originals. ʟᴀᴜʀᴇʟ???? QUIET BISON? KUČKA?! This tracklist is stacked with fresh faces that are about to get some major spotlight. We trust Flume’s judgment so it must be well deserved and we can’t wait to see what these artists have all cooked up together with him.

Excited does not even begin to describe it… Thrilled? Fanatic? Exhilarated delighted electrified tickled titillated intoxicated? ALIVE??? Excuse us while we play “Say Nothing” again and process these waves of emotion we are feeling right now. We need a moment.

Pre-save the album here

Watch the visualizer for the first single from Palaces by Flume below!

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