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Music moves fast, and sometimes, it can be bewildering to realize a producer we have grown to love has yet to release a debut album. It’s a bit of a mind trip – especially when we are talking about the wunderkind of bass, Mersiv. Pretty Dark Loud is out now via Mersiv’s MorFlo Records and we got an exclusive look into what this milestone means to him!

Mersiv’s Pretty Dark Loud is ready to infiltrate speakers near you.

Mersiv Pretty Dark Loud Electric Hawk
Album Artwork by @treysarmento & @blakehondermann

This album is a beast; 20 monstrous tracks to take you on a journey through bass. But, if you know Mersiv’s music, then you know that his personal style of freeform bass is something no one else can top. It quite literally, perfectly encompasses the three words, pretty, dark, and loud. We got to ask Mersiv what these words, and the album title, mean to him:

It’s a way I’ve described my music ever since I started producing. It’s my favorite parts of bass music that I like to express through my own production.

Mersiv on Pretty Dark Loud

The ‘Departure’ into Pretty Dark Loud.

Mersiv sets listeners up for a wild ride with intro, “Departure,” and the epitome of pretty bass, “Dimensions of the Isolated.” Then, “Loosen Up” and single, “Floating Underwater Above the Clouds” continue to build the sounds of the album and showcase the budding producer’s talents. Comforting vocal samples throughout “Severing String” shine a light on Mersiv’s intentions for the album. In an piece, Mersiv shares that Pretty Dark Loud is dedicated to his mom, whose birthday would be the Sunday following today’s release.

Things get dark with ‘Night Vision.’

As the album noticeably shifts into a darker mood, we are graced with the sounds of “Night Vision” and the second single, “Forest Creature” with Killa Nova. And to be completely honest with you, from this point on, if you aren’t listening at full volume, you need to.

‘Fire Dance’ must be played on loud.

Alright, so Mersiv wants us to “fall in love in a mosh pit” to “Fire Dance” and we are totally okay with that! Thanks to the vocals from Attitude, this one is a straight-up vibe. “A Worthy Opponent” and “Tesseract” continue to keep things loud and show an intricate side of Mersiv’s production. Next up, the final single, “The Death Note” is absolute madness, and “Nine Tails” gives us that little taste of ~wubs~ we all love so dearly.

Mersiv takes us upward.

As his self-proclaimed “greatest work to date,” Pretty Dark Loud manifests an upward trajectory for Mersiv. “Moon Chaser” and “Sky High,” feat. Knat Turner, prove this. “This track perfectly describes how we want to approach life,” says Mersiv on “Sky High.” Lyrics repeating, “We in the right place at the right time” are an ode to the producer’s love of spirituality. And the vocal chops to follow, on “Depth Perception,” are angelic and resonate deeply as you listen.

Intentional production at its finest.

Mersiv intuitively chose to tune this next track, “Ghosts” to 444hz. Featuring the most beautiful vocals from Akylla, this one would be so ideal to hear live and loud on a proper sound system. Knat Turner is recruited again on the banger, “Afterlife.” The comforting vocals of “A Little Bit of Hope” repeating “I don’t want to see you hurting” feel so, so warm. Then, a song that is extremely dear to Mersiv, “If I was a Raven,” with the band Elephant Revival, quickly engulfs us into the sound and the love. And finally, we end at the “Arrival” of the close of the album.

Mersiv undeniably created a masterpiece with Pretty Dark Loud, and we will surely be bumping this for quite some time.

From his 2018 Phase One EP, to standout track “Beautiful & Filthy,” his Digital Eden EP full of heaters, and now a debut album, Mersiv has gone through many trials to get here. When we asked him what the hardest part of navigating finding your own sound in a scene full of inspiration and innovation, he said:

The hardest part is failing and learning how to keep going and to keep finding what’s true to me. There’s been so many songs and ideas I’ve made that didn’t make it and weren’t “it.” Getting back up and trying again is how I found what is true to me and what I want my sound to be.


Pretty Dark Loud seems to be the perfect “true” Mersiv sound. Be sure to snag tickets to see the album and all its beauty live, here.

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