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Out now via WAKAAN, Mersiv presents his Legion of Boom EP, and brings along some of his closest friends. This four-track mind-boggling EP offers up a variety of bass-heavy beats bound to make your jaw drop. Each track is a beast of its own and showcases not only Mersiv’s growing skills but those of each producer, as well!

Mersiv Legion of Boom
Legion of Boom

Mersiv enlists four budding Colorado producers for his Legion of Boom army. Let’s break things down.

The EP kicks off with “The Prologue.” Mersiv sets the tone accompanied by Denver-based Wriza. The two present an untouchable sound design and prepare listeners for the doomy forecast of dark basslines that are ahead. “The Prologue” is one heater of an opener if I do say so myself.

Next, Mersiv ramps up the energy on “Go Down,” with the help of Killa Nova. The old school flare on this one showcases both producers’ talents and ignites something in our souls that only dubstep can. Mersiv stays true to his explosive and bouncy roots we know and love. We would love to get down to “Go Down” IRL, soon!

Alright, I may be biased, but this one… this one is it. Mersiv and Opalyte take us on the “Ultimate Dragon” ride of a lifetime for the 3rd track of Legion of Boom. The two intertwine flowing astral melodies, psychedelic vocals, and thrilling, grungy, bass. I don’t have enough good things to say about this track!

Okay, okay, Mersiv and Chill Bobby are no strangers to collaborating and we are totally here for it. “Drop That Beat” is the perfect closer to this packed project. Chill Bobby raps bars of manifestation and gratitude while Mersiv ferociously drops some firey hot bass on us one. last. time.

With this being said, stream Mersiv’s Legion of Boom EP in full, here, and let us know what you think!

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