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Our beloved Space Wizard is back again and we can’t help but be concerned for his poor head from carrying around that gigantic talented producer brain of his all day. Space Wizard’s first EP, The Marble Room, has landed from space right onto Subtronics’ very own, Cyclops Recs. This three track project features mesmerizing sounds that we recognize from his sets and mixes. As well as a hot collaboration that will make the OG siracha fans squeal.

Space Wizard’s recent track record of releases is big, with label releases on Wakaan and now Cyclops Recs. If you couldn’t already tell, he is definitely one of Electric Hawk’s favorites. Not only does he always dish out the most unique tracks and energy. We also idolize the love he has for this community and his consistency of giving fans exactly what they want.

The Marble Room is what I feel like my entire career has led up to. Everything from the artwork to the risers in the song had the same amount of detail and effort put into them to create my most comprehensive piece of art yet. The EP and the ideas surrounding it have been in my head for years and I can’t wait for you to finally hear them. It all begins in The Marble Room.”

Space Wizard

Ya’ll hear suummiiin….?!

To begin, The Marble Room kicks off with a familiar tune that Space Wizard fans hear at the beginning of his 10k mix. That’s right kids, we got the ID. Titled “The Marble Room,” it reels the listener in to a dimension of mythical bass heaven. Imagine you’re soaring through the milky way while you’re popping a golden bottle of champagne. That’s the vibe we get here. He sets the tone from the jump with this filthy experimental bass and heavy-weight wub song.

As mentioned before, there’s a collab featured on this EP that we can’t help but HOOT and HOLLER about. The second track titled “Deactivation Sequence,” is a collaboration with the one and only, MOLOKAI. Another one of EH’s favorites, he is an advocate for bringing the heat into projects. This masterpiece is a perfect demonstration of their thunderous talent and gives the EP a thrilling and euphoric type beat.

To conclude, the final track “Corrupted Butterflies,” is a fairytale ending to Space Wizard’s first EP. Beautiful ethereal funky wobbles fill your eardrums as this tune begins to surface. It’s no surprise that he chose to place this track as last. He constantly ends all of his songs, sets and mixes on a feel-good note. If you’ve seen him live then you’ve probably heard him play tiedye ky’s “Never Cage A Butterfly” towards the end of each set. Which is always a breath of fresh air. Just like the ending to this EP.

Listen to The Marble Room by Space Wizard below. Out everywhere NOW on Cyclops Recs!!

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