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To say Dream Pusha’s remix of Meduso’s “Intrigue” evoked our curiosity is an understatement. The original, chilling inter-dimensional tune gets just a little spicier thanks to some Dream Pusha magic. Electric Hawk got the exclusive first listen to this remix, and it was way too intriguing (all pun intended) not to share with you all.

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Meduso’s Yugen LP that dropped back in August, we suggest you do that now. Each track tells a beautiful story interlaced together to create this 10-track escape from reality. Obviously, this LP gets equally hot remixes. It’s what it deserves 😌 Meduso did not come to play when building a team of remixers. Calling on producers like Kadena, IZZI, and many more to take the Yugen LP to another level.

in·trigue: verb /inˈtrēɡ/
arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate.

Dream Pusha is a master of those ripping basslines that tear into you, hitting on a deeper level. For this remix, he perfectly pairs that signature style with Meduso’s dreamlike soundscapes in “Intrigue,” quickly making them a power couple. What was once a journey has become a trip as Dream Pusha’s liquified beats warp not only the original track but also our minds. This builder of realities has once again crafted a new, fascinating world within his “Intrigue” remix.

The Yugen Remixes drop this Friday, however, you’ll need that full day of recovery after this Dream Pusha track. The full remix list is quite a doozy, and it may even include a special VIP from Meduso himself.

See what’s so intriguing about this track for yourself:

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