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As we head towards the end of 2021’s first month, optimism is on the rise. We have a vaccine, and with that, at least the idea that “pre-covid” shows or even full-on festivals could take place before the year ends. But as we wait, we still have our lovely streams that have been keeping us sane during this pandemic. A month ago, our very own Corie Odom talked about all the live streams that stuck out to her in 2020. With so many amazing events, it was impossible to fit them all into one article. So join us for Part 2, and reminisce with us on the best streams of this past year.

Detox Unit DJ Set With Fractaled Visions

This was way back in April 2020. Detox Unit absolutely blessed us with a phenomenal DJ set. He dropped an image in his Facebook group on a Thursday that he was going live on Saturday. The next two days were filled with anticipation, and for good reason. The man absolutely killed his set, dropping everything from Alix Perez and Halogenix to a Fracture remix of Alison Wonderland‘s, “High. He ended the set with over an hour of Drum & Bass and Breakbeat. It was the highlight of the early quarantine days for me, and definitely one of my favorite streams to date. Sadly, this one is not available to re-watch.

Jade Cicada & Friends on The Rust Featherbeard Sessions

This one was epic, to say the least. It was filled with talent from top to bottom. Featuring a “wonky beats” set from Schmoop to start the night off, you knew this stream was going to be special. Base2 and Smigonaut came on and killed it. Resonant Language absolutely shattered what we knew was even possible with music with his “Dark IDM” set. Detox Unit gave us a smooth ride through some old school hip hop, and the man himself, Jade Cicada, topped it off with a cinematic ambient set, featuring visuals from Tenorless. Speaking of the visual artists, the lineup consisted of some of the best in the game, Theron Pray, DR01D, The Void, Steven Haman & Cullen Hassel. Here is the best part, you can re-watch Jade Cicada‘s set on youtube. Enjoy!

Featherbeard Sessions Vol. XII – The Rust Music

This one is a little more recent. In November, The Rust Music blessed us with a massive stream. Featuring Wessanders, Kromuh, Navigatorz, Bricksquash & K.L.O, this one was special. It was 5 hours straight of forward-thinking music. It also featured fantastic visual art, thanks to Sieg Mattel, Mandalorium, Mezmer, Data_Byte & B1N4RY.

Grizmas Digital Charity Festival

Take us back to one month ago! Right before Christmas, Griz blessed us with a digital music festival. Not only did Griz himself give us an epic performance, but he also put on tons of other amazing artists. Featuring a wide range of talent such as ProbCause, Sunsquabi, Claude Vonstroke, Wreckno, Super Future, Rusko, and a very special Zeds Dead drum & bass set, this night was what we all needed before the 2020 holidays.


Alix Perez’s Soulful Drum & Bass Stream

There are few things in life more enjoyable than listening to Drum & Bass. So when one of the best producers in the game gives us an hour of it, we know it is a blessing. Playing a wide array of tunes, both from his unreleased (at the time) catalog, and a collection of other artists including Submarine and Halogenix, this set was truly healing. More good news: this one is up on SoundCloud for all of us to listen to. Enjoy!

Slug Wife Album Premiere of Seppa’s Split

Seppa dropped his album Split at the end of March and it was jaw-dropping. He takes us on a 45-minute journey with his perfectly crafted sound. What better way for it to debut than with visuals from Truffulatreez? This stream from Slug Wife really sent this album above and beyond the already astounding level it was at. Oh, by the way, it’s still up on YouTube!

Wormhole Wednesday’s

This is a shout to Wormhole Entertainment as a whole for giving us something to look forward to every Wednesday. Getting us great artists every week, including names such as Zeke Beats & Clozee, Wormhole has been proving over and over again that they are committed to promoting and giving a spotlight to some of the best names in the scene. Below is the January schedule.

Of The Trees Late Night Set

This one took place way back in the good ole’ days of quarantine when the whole timeline would come together to enjoy music together. Of The Trees gave us over two hours of beautiful music. Stemming from his originals to some of his favorite drum & bass and downtempo tunes, this was a highlight of 2020.

Honorable mentions and shout outs:

Minnesota’s Chill Tf Out sets
RSO & Wavecraft: A Digital Abyss
Mersiv 1.5 hour downtempo set
Ode to Bridget
The Passage: Featuring Of The Trees & more

Both of these articles still don’t do justice to how many amazing streams have taken place over the last 10 months. We are beyond thankful for Twitch, and all of the artists who have worked hard to keep us sane during this pandemic in new and exciting ways. And by the way, tune into the Electric Hawk Twitch this weekend for a massive live stream event with a STACKED lineup that you don’t want to miss.


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