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Alix Perez does not miss. Fresh on the heels of the announcement of his forthcoming Without End LP, he gives us a taste of what’s to come with the first gratifying single, “Lost & Proud,” featuring singer/songwriter Liam Bailey.

‘Without End’ is my biggest project since my second album back in 2013. This mini LP was written to be listened to as a whole, as a body of work. I revisit a sound that I’m known for, deep & soulful Drum and Bass. Without End is a collection of perpetual tones for motion. This LP intends to create emotion and feeling, however it may be interpreted by the listener.

Alix Perez

Lulling listeners into the introduction of the borderline 6-minute Drum and Bass masterpiece, the harmonic piano and melody seemingly melt right into sprinkles of inviting percussion. As it progresses, the warm, rich voice of the talented Liam Bailey during the chorus only compliments “Lost & Proud” that much more, highlighting Perez’s signature soulful style.

Listen to “Lost & Proud” by Alix Perez below, and be on the lookout for his mini LP this September 18 on 1985 Music. Vinyl and digital pre-order available here:

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