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Lions and tigers and Alison Wonderland, OH MY! The princess of EDM sets the tone for 2021 with the announcement of her interactive show, Wonderverse. Call up your girl gang and enjoy this virtual experience, Alison Wonderland style—pants off, baggie tee on, vodka sippin’! Get ready to F*** S*** Up On A Spiritual Level at Wonderverse on Friday, January 8th at 9 PM EST.

Wonderverse: A Collaborative Project

Partnering up with entertainment provider Wave, Wonderverse is a one-of-a-kind experience. Wave is a newly developed tech company creating live interactive experiences, with a mission for artists and fans to connect on a deeper more personal level. For the event, Alison’s avatar will be dripping in Electric Family apparel and a pair of Asics, as special recognition for their co-sponsorship with Wonderverse. We can’t wait for what’s in store!

Grab your tickets, here.

Wonderverse takes the setting in a mystical underground forest where fans will interact with one another as ghouls. This event brings forth the opportunity to cast spells and party with Alison Wonderland herself. Viewers are promised jaw-dropping visuals along with the tease of NEW music. You heard that right! Rumor has it AW is releasing her third studio album in 2021. Will her world-premiere on January 8th be an album release? We can only hope! And fingers crossed that the spells performed during this live set include Alison’s talisman, the cello, and those stunning vocal cords.

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