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The Dirtybird head honcho, Claude VonStroke, is back again for his 4th studio album. After 15 years of pure debauchery, the Dirtybird record label celebrates their remarkable journey since their first release back in 2005. Claude VonStroke will be celebrating in the most appropriate way possible, with the release of his fourth LP, appropriately titled, Freaks & Beaks. The album is set to be released on February 21st, which is already shaping up to be an insane month for new music.

With 15 years under his belt, it might be challenging to create something completely fresh while keeping the originality that helped build his success. Not for Claude VonStroke. For his latest EP, the producer committed himself to a tedious schedule in which he experimented with numerous different sound machines. His primary use of a modular synth, analog gear & iPad drum apps (yupppp you’re reading that correctly), speaks to his creativity. His willingness to step outside the box is unparalleled. In a genre that many argue can sound repetitive, Claude continues to lead by example with his clever imagination.

“For 15 years I’ve been releasing two-track EPs with a crazy A-side and a much deeper or weird B-side. Showing a range of sound has always been very important to me.” – Claude VonStroke

To hold us tech-house heads over until Feb 21st, Claude decided to surprise us with a two-track EP titled, All My People in The House. The first song, ‘Youngblood‘ is a collaboration with his dear friend Wyatt Marshall. The two do some research and development with a modular synthesis creating machine-like plucks that will reverberate through your core. This dark tune will surely light up any ominous club floor.

The second track, ‘All My People in the House’ brings on all the wacky, weirdness we have grown to love and appreciate Claude for. A bouncy and vibrant track that is driven on a memorizing female vocal arrangement. This track will just about ring off anywhere. So get ya groove on and stream the new EP below. Be sure to peep that tracklist below to get a sneak peek of what is soon to come from the label boss.

Freaks & Beaks Tracklist

  1. Warming Up the Bass Machines II
  2. Freaks Don’t Fail Me Now
  3. Flubblebuddy
  4. Youngblood (Feat. Wyatt Marshall)
  5. Frankie Goes to Bollywood
  6. Session A
  7. Waddaday (Feat. Zombie Disco Squad)
  8. These Notes In This Order
  9. All My People In The House
  10. Alpine Arpline
  11. Birthday Messages (Bonus Track)

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