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Otherwise Fine and BARDZ have fused their infectious sounds together on their latest collaboration, “I Don’t Belong Here(feat. Jackson Bales). This pop inspired electronica tune is dripping in organic, dreamy, and playful beats that you will want on repeat.

A collaboration from Otherwise Fine and BARDZ just feels right.

The Canadian electronic duo Otherwise Fine and California native BARDZ have blown us away with “I Don’t Belong Here.” This powerful track is seemingly written-in-the-stars. Although, it ironically was written over Zoom calls. Highlighting each of their similar strong-suits, the collaborators create a seriously cinematic track. This is both Otherwise Fine and BARDZ’s first release of 2021 and they did not play around!

BARDZ Electric Hawk
BARDZ via his Facebook
Otherwise Fine Electric Hawk
Otherwise Fine via their Instagram

“I Don’t Belong Here” is full of longing emotions.

The passion felt in Otherwise Fine and BARDZ’s production is evident. The melody floats gently while instrumental textures subtly trickle in and build into a stunning drop. And of course, the dark melancholy vocal hook from Toronto singer Jackson Bales brings everything together. “I Don’t Belong Here” is relatable, mesmerizing, and endlessly-playable.

Stream “I Don’t Belong Here” (feat. Jackson Bales) from Otherwise Fine and BARDZ below!

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