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We can say with confidence that music has kept us sane through 2020. The combined efforts of ProbCause and Cloudchord have delivered Moonflower, an EP destined to lift your spirits and keep you going through this wild life.  

Upon first listen, Moonflower catches the listeners attention.

Dancing around the lines of chilled-out R&B, jazz-influenced electronic beats, and hip-hop, the EP brings a warming vibe. Cloudchord’s Emmy-winning production is to thank for that! Derek VanScoten, better known as Cloudchord, has created a special space in dance music for his chillhop guitar-focused beats, that are featured on Moonflower.

The meaningful and lighthearted lyrics on the 4-track EP are brought to you by ProbCause. You may be familiar with ProbCause’s work, with the one and only GRiZ, on tracks such as “Solo” and “My Friends and I.” His ability to bring attention to important topics through his words is admirable. Moonflower is full of “themes of becoming a better person, finding fulfillment outside of material possessions and living life as though it’s a gift,” as said in its’ press release.

Pivotal Agency

Kicking off Moonflower, are two special tracks, “Starlight” and “Clouds Pass,” which feature the help of Soul Food Horns. They are a collective of horn-playing producers, who are Cloudchord’s long-time collaborators and bring tons of depth to these tracks. Being the EP’s single, “Starlight” sets the feel-good tone of Moonflower. “Clouds Pass” is a personal favorite of not only mine but ProbCause’s, too. He states that “one of the lyrics that rings truest to me is in the chorus of ‘Clouds Pass’” which you can catch below.

“This clouds gonna pass, this fog can’t last forever. No storm that can’t be weathered.”

ProbCause in “Clouds Pass”

Next up is “No Amount,” which focuses on inspiration and how nothing can compare to that feeling. We cannot help but love the poetic positivity of this one. Finally, to finish off Moonflower, is a gentle reminder to stay “In Love With The World” (feat. Carlile & Youngteam). Once again, ProbCause words offer comfort and optimism in this year’s trying times.

This is an EP you can return back to for a boost of hope.

We are thankful for Cloudchord and ProbCause’s work on this one. Be sure to check out Moonflower below!

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