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Last May, fans of Detox Unit were able to tune into The Rust Music’s Featherbed Stream and access a free brain massage. Advertised as an “Old School Hip-Hop Set”, Detox Unit showed off some of his favorite beats from a variety of different artists. From R&B & hip-hop to a deep discography dive in some of our favorite electronic artists such as Mindex, this set had it all. Earlier this week, the man himself gifted us an absolute blessing by posting the set on SoundCloud. After a year of waiting, we can finally re-live one of the best, most soothing sets throughout all of quarantine.

Detox Unit meticulously selected a myriad of different tunes and crafted them seamlessly, creating an hour of magic.

Here at Electric Hawk, we’ve written about how magical this night was as a whole. It was mentioned as one of our favorite streams when reflecting on 2020. But this set, in particular, stuck out as maybe the most impressive of the night. First of all, the selection was as top-notch as it could be. In terms of the electronic tunes dropped, it was clear that Detox Unit dove as deep as possible. Mindex’s “Arousal,” a lovely downtempo tune, was played early on. He played that into “Crouched” by Dillard, a song only available on his Bandcamp. Speaking of only available on Bandcamp, Detox unit later dropped “the 93” by Kursa, off of his ‘BOPA (Part 1.)’ EP, which you can find here.

What was so impressive about this set was the variety. “1nce Again” was the song that preluded “the 93”. This madman really played A Tribe Called Quest into Kursa. It had me in shambles, to say the least. He also played a beautiful song, released in 1999, by Indian Ropemen called “66 Meters” and a wonderful 2005 song called “The Third Dimension” by the legendary British producer, Danny Breaks.

I could go on and on about the whole setlist and how every track fit the mood perfectly. Every song chosen had meaning. Nothing felt random. Detox Unit wasn’t trying to blow us away with unimaginable sounds or the craziest combination of songs, but rather weaving different melodies together and painting a beautiful picture for the listeners to enjoy. The mixing was flawless, and the way he dictated the whole mood throughout was masterful. To say we are thankful for this being available on SoundCloud would be an understatement. And if you are seeing him next weekend at Resonate…I am jealous.

Listen to “Music Arranged In A Tasteful Fashion” on SoundCloud! The full track list is in the description!

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