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Super Future and Ravenscoon have been our day ones over here at Electric Hawk HQ. With that being said, we couldn’t be more excited to premiere their massive new collaboration, “BAD SHIT.” Have your safe word ready; this dangerous duo is coming for necks.

Regardless of the circumstances 2020 has brought on, Super Future and Ravenscoon have been going 👏 in 👏. Ravenscoon dropped his Mind EP, which truly blew our minds. Not to mention the “W3t A$$ Pu$$y” remix that had everyone acting up. Super Future dropped his Hypernatural EP with Wreckno, and no ass was left un-thrown, as well as his massive track “Bamboo” on Bassrush. These two powerhouses coming together on “BAD SHIT” was just what we needed to close out this year.

Paul came to me with this original idea, one you might not even recognize, back in mid-2019. Over the course of that time he and I have honestly leveled up dramatically, so this was one of those songs that evolved into a new form and theme about every three months.

Nick / Super Future

Bad Shit That Feel Good

From the jump, we’re surrounded by heavy-hitting drums, bass, and daunting vocals coming from every angle. You can tell something menacing is building, but nothing can prepare you for what’s about to come. A drop that can be described as nothing less than a head-ripper. Things only get crazier, letting up momentarily for a small transition where we suggest a steady breathing exercise and lots of water. The second drop is something I’ll talk about many years from now around the fire with my kids when they ask me to tell them a scary story. I already know these boys were in the studio cackling when they made this drop, well aware it was about to ruin us. With an unexplainable sound that hits you deep in your chest, we suggest you listen for yourself but proceed with caution.

To me, this song represents how much Nick and I have grown as producers in the last year, it represents letting loose and having fun, and it represents pushing back against a corrupt and unjust system. Both of our projects lean heavily into the grassroots, activist, underground movements happening across America. While the song is light and fun, it also has a ‘fuck the system’ attitude that I really love. 

Paul / Ravenscoon

“BAD SHIT” is nuts, and the perfect love child of both Ravenscoon and Super Futures signature styles.

Experience the “BAD SHIT” for yourself below

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