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If you haven’t listened to the new Resonant Language Gut Wrench EP yet, then head over to your preferred streaming platform immediately. In my opinion, this is a very early contender for best release of 2021.

Resonant Language has been taking over this past year. After having some big performances sabotaged due to COVID-19, we were blessed with a “Dark IDM” set on The Rust Music’s Jade Cicada & Friends stream. Furthermore, he held us over with an EP from his side project, Bricksquash, and a performance on another Rust stream. It had been almost a year since his last EP Wiggle Bin, and since then, we have been waiting on edge for this one. It did not disappoint.

Resonant Language Delivered An Uptempo Masterpiece With Gut Wrench

The tweet came on New Years day, which could not have been at a better time. As I sat lifeless on the couch, hoping 2021 would be more prosperous than the hell that was 2020, Resonant Language blessed us with four new mind-bending songs, holding true to his distinguished sound design.

Let’s Dive In!

As soon as the first sound touches your ears, you can tell this one is trouble. “Squeaky Shoes” starts off in an ominous way, leaving us wondering what destruction is about to take place. This whole song is a journey from beginning to end filled with delicious sounds. The ending gives off major “Skreet Force One” vibes. This is followed by the title track, “Gut Wrench,” which – believe me – does the EP justice. Filled with heavyweight percussions and knifing bass, this tune really lives up to its name in terms of how it makes your insides feel.

Next is “F.D.A.T,” with a catchy rhythm and thick bass lines seamlessly surpassing the halfway mark of the EP. Then, at last, Resonant Language closes it out with “Lunge.” It starts off on the chill side, and as soon as you start to think you might be getting some downtempo to finish it off, you get hit with a wave of intricate, thumping bass. It’s simply wonderful.

There is not a single song on this EP that won’t make a crowd collectively lose their minds when it’s played on a proper sound system. Head over to Bandcamp and support Resonant Language by purchasing Gut Wrench!

Want more Resonant Language?

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