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Album artwork by Tenorless

Schmoop just presented us with one of the most cohesive collections of music and artistry so far this year with his brand new Focal Point EP. Exploring different textures and manipulating sound, Focal Point takes you into the heart of a kaleidoscopic sonic experience.

Demonstrating his abundant creative prowess, the title track, “Focal Point,” introduces masterfully crafted percussion mingled with eccentric basslines. In the next brilliant show, “Hard Edges” continues to delve into the narrative of experimental expertise. Bass-heavy synths are weaved into the song’s DNA structure, also laden with glitches and terrestrial effects.

Schmoop Focal Point EP – Album artwork by Tenorless

Making an appearance in “Gnomad,” longtime friend and collaborator Jade Cicada whisks us away and leaves us breathless with a track so full of freeform finesse, it could only be something these two as a duo could concoct. While Cicada and Schmoop have previously worked together on Jade’s longstanding Little Creatures album, they also dabble into new territory with their side project Wonky Llama.

Alternatively, Schmoop showcases the true breadth of his range with the final downtempo track, “Outskirts.” A change of pace, it almost feels as if the preceding songs wined and dined us, but “Outskirts” is the one that tucks us into bed with a consensual forehead kiss.

Listen to the full Focal Point EP by Schmoop below:

And buy the full digital album on Bandcamp here.

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