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Album artwork by Sarah Koury

The boys have dusted off the sax and keys and are back with Strange Changes. Chalky and Seppa team up once again to bring us all the jazz bar feels, and we have a front-row seat. Pull back the red curtains, press play, and let the percussions fill the air.

Strange Changes follows up the 2018 release Bright Spots. Everything picks up right where it left off, this time, diving even deeper into the uncharted territory this duo thrives in.

Change is a good thing.

The album plays out almost like a mix, all tracks synching together with ease, it’s criminal to do anything other than play this bad boy front to back. The fourteen tracks take listeners on a ride of percussions and excellent production. So we kick things off with “Bump It,” and from the jump, you get a taste for the flavor this album has. Listeners will immediately cozy up to the soothing guitar, sax, and keys. Things move right along with “Interplanetary Timeshare,” which provides intricate sounds and psychedelia vibes while keeping things smooth and soothing.

“Falling Forward” offers vocals from One Kind Eye, who brings a whole new element to the track. Tying in beautifully with the work Seppa and Chalky are already putting in. Then we have tracks like “Chk Chk” and “Petrichor” where the sound design is really flexed—filled with all the soulful vibes accompanied by funky breakdowns.

I can’t finish up without talking about my favorite, “Opal Phruit.” The ambiance goes crazy; I feel like I should be situated in the middle of nowhere, watching the sunrise with this track set as background music. The album closes out with “Nap Time” and its set of hypnotizing chimes. It’s best to close your eyes and really let this track sink in. It’s the perfect little ending to this incredible journey Chalky and Seppa just took us on.

The full Strange Changes album premiered last night on Shivelight and is out now and streamable on Bandcamp. You could also wait until Bandcamp Friday to purchase and put in the extra money straight to the artists.

Strange Changes has quickly become one of our favorite releases of the year from Slug Wife. Head over to Bandcamp to hear the magic for yourself!

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