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Feel the magic as Visages fuels the fires of DnB progression with their debut long-player collection, From Lead To Gold. Hailing from Toulouse, France, the dynamic quartet artfully weaves their distinct blend of liquid funk and deep DnB to bring energy and innovation to the drum and bass scene.

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Who listens to DnB?

The impact of drum and bass resounds throughout our musical world, dancing its way through myriad cultural backgrounds and geographically diverse electronic scenes. While its roots deeply entrench UK culture, overwhelmingly credited as the birthplace of this genre’s outgrowth, DnB continues to sow its seeds across the globe.

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As the genre’s prevalence expands to exponential proportions, we now encounter a higher demand for artists that supply it. Utilizing 2020 download sales data from both Beatport and Juno Download, UKF reports that DnB popularity is soaring to heights never seen before; To put it simply, the people want more drum and bass! So, thanks to this upwards trend, Visages and artists alike now hold valuable notoriety and fanbases in America.

Statistics and data aside, DnB music is good music. Likewise, Visages’ From Lead to Gold is no exception. With experimental bass woven into this synergetic breakbeat experience, finally, the time has come to spotlight some favorites.

“MK Ultra”

Though we regard Visages as prominent forward-thinkers in the drum and bass scene, their discography defies limitations. The first track on the LP, “MK Ultra, further proves this testament. An underground heavy-hitter, “MK Ultra” is sonically spacious, displaying a driving force of intricate bass work and slicing trap drums – a must-listen for experimental bass heads.

“Ouija Board”

“Ouija Board” is undoubtedly sexy, haunting, and addictive. Adorned with a sticky sweet vocal chop melody sure to get stuck in the brain, Visages, and En:vy join forces on this moody and melodic transmutation. Nevertheless, with perfectly pocketed ear-candy and the DnB beat we all know and love, “Ouija Board” is an intoxicating warehouse anthem.

“Ace of Spades”

Visages and Monty collaborate to gift us the emphatically groovy “Ace of Spades. Inspired by the quartet’s subtle influence of liquid funk, this track encapsulates the experience of a good night. Whether you want to jam out or chill out, “Ace of Spades” will never disappoint.

The art of DnB

Once again, DnB music is good music. From drum and bass newbies to certified breakbeat warriors, From Lead To Gold can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of genre familiarity. Immerse yourself in the LP’s entirety, and find out how Visages propels the scene’s expansion. Experience the art of DnB.

Tune into the DnB magic with From Lead To Gold by Visages – Listen below!

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