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Following some very successful singles and his Memento EP, IMANU releases a deep new drum and bass track on UKF. The new single titled “A Taste of Hope” takes listeners on an inspiring journey. “A Taste of Hope” features IMANU’s phenomenal ability to take melodies to the next level. The drum and bass aficionado takes soothing atmospheric tones and melds them with deep textured basses.


The movement of the track conjures all sorts of emotion in the listener. Happiness, excitement, nostalgia, and hope are among the feelings that are expressed in this track. The song starts with panning synths that intrigue the listener, then it jumps into an uplifting beat that only develops as the track continues.

“A Taste of Hope” inspires, and gives the audience the sort of hope and confidence that you feel when you finally tell your crush you love them.

Lately, IMANU releases have been garnering attention, and rightfully so. He is a unique artist with a sound that is his own. When it comes to drum and bass, IMANU is an expert and he puts his skills on display with this new tune. Bringing his creative style to this liquid track, IMANU created a masterpiece of a track that is not going to get old for a long time. His fans are going to be nothing but pleased with this new song release.

Listen to IMANU’s new single “A Taste of Hope” here:

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