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Time and time again, The Black Box in Denver, CO, attracts us with their booming sound and legendary line-ups. On January 28, The Black Box catered to drum and bass enthusiasts, presenting Monty as the headliner. Meanwhile, the Lounge, opposite of the main room, showcases more collective or local-based artists, and was filled with wave frequencies from Ever Eternal.

Black Box Monty
Photo Credit: Howl Envy Media

Monty’s tempo diversity

The home of the underground served us well, with a rumbling drum and bass line-up featuring the notorious headliner, Monty. The sold-out main room kicked the night off with support from Chelsmosis, DiS_1, and dela Moon. Catching Monty headlining at The Black Box was a must after hearing the talk surrounding his North American tour. We personally loved the Halogenix “Blej VIP” transition into his “Vibin’.” Throughout his set, Monty exemplified his ability to seamlessly blend genres like halftime and dubstep into a unique sound experience. IDs, some Peekaboo, and unreleased MYTHM sprinkled throughout the experience kept the high energy flowing.

Photo credit: Howl Envy Media

Wave vibrations

Catering to not only the dnb scene, The Black Box filled the lounge with Ever Eternal wave vibrations. Kicking the evening off with 00e1 and psycody, we flowed into sets performed by Just Connor and headliner, Juche. Ever Eternal is working hard to bring the wave genre to their fans residing in the US.

Pushed by collectives like, wave music incorporates filtered Reese-style timbre, trap-style hi-hats, and reverb. This futuristic trance experience immersed us in sonic bliss and intoxicating euphoria. Over time, I thought I had to accept I may never get to experience Juche’s soundscapes. Thanks to The Black Box and Ever Eternal, that mentality was erased.

Black Box Monty juche

After witnessing Monty and this multi-genre packed night, it’s clear The Black Box knows how to give the Denver community what they crave. Producing legendary lineups no one wants to miss, The Black Box now transmits their experiences on Twitch! For those around the globe wanting to cure FOMO, subscribe and witness these one-of-a-kind events for yourselves.

The year’s just getting started and we’re ecstatic to see what else the home of the underground has in store. We already know, we definitely won’t be sleeping on their upcoming headlines with Sicaria Sound and Mindex. We’re constantly drawn to the culture defined by The Black Box and their dedication in honoring the diversity of electronic music.

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