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Featured image: Prism EP cover art, designed by L0G1N

French DJ L0G1N dropped their debut Prism EP with the Defkon 1 label today. The Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere of “Sensei” consists of gnarly sound design with major bass face written all over it. The track has us feeling like we’re in the middle of a war zone deflecting incoming laser blasts coming straight for our souls. Next thing you know we’re Charlie’s MF Angels on some real hawk girl shit destroying our mission on the dance floor.

That’s exactly what Defkon 1 and L0G1N were striving for.

The L0G1N – Prism EP is the 2nd installment in our WPN catalog. WPN is short for weapon, which is a nod to the term “dance floor weapon” or a tune that makes everyone on the dance floor lose it. We just launched our EXP catalog last week, with an IDM/Glitch EP on cassette tape. EXP being short for experimental, which will be a dive into the more cerebral side of electronic music. Our third catalog is still a work in process for now, but I can say that it will pay homage to the earlier era’s of electronic music.

Dane Parkhurst from Defkon 1

Enjoy the rest of the Defkon 1 catalogs on Bandcamp.

The Defkon 1 label pays homage to a plethora of electronic music subgenres. Mixing from a range of downtempo, drum & bass, experimental, neurofunk.. You name it, they got IT. It meaning the weirdest of alien chunes that we are living for. I’m talking like Liquid Stranger meets Mr. Bill mixed with some Mersiv, but keep it underground. If Defkon 1 was coffee, they’d be the extra shot of expresso we never knew we needed.

Stream “Sensei” and the entirety of Prism EP Here:

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