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As the year comes to an end, there are plenty of artists that continue to catch our attention. Electric Hawk wants to highlight the artists that are making innovations in the industry, bringing refreshing sounds to our ears, or are on verge of breaking the festival circuit. We are proud to highlight these artists and showcase them to ensure you keep a Hawk Eye Watch on them for 2023!


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First off, Clarity brings an impressive resume in 2022, and all without a manager or agent. The emerging techno artist in Dallas is not only focusing on releasing music but also starting something new. This year she started a project called SHOWPIECE, which is an experience that blends a fashion show with techno. Despite being its debut event, she along with all the creatives was able to sell it out. Clarity continues to thrive musically through her singles like “White Rabbit or her recent remix with Will Clarke. She is sending the audience through some transformative techno goodness. Also performing at Bolier Room and Illfest in Texas, Clarity is currently thriving in all the energy she focuses on her project.

Ghost in Real Life

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Ghost in Real Life - Hawk Eye Watch
Photo By: Alyssa Schwalm

There is nothing to be scared of with this ghost! Ghost in Real Life has been in the corner of our eyes with her musical talents and persona. This year alone she received recognition through labels like Subsidia and Rude Service to get her first festival slot at the renowned Lost Lands. Ghost in Real Life pushes the boundaries of what she is capable of. She allows herself to be genuine with her audience and showcases a sense of rawness in her releases. Ghost in Real Life is an artist that will truly push the limitations of what is in the scene for 2023. Only scratching the surface of what she is capable of, she is ready to break through and become one of the hottest names around!

Lizzy Jane

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Lizzy Jane - Hawk Eye Watch
Photo Credit: Matt Cary

A pioneer in the scene progresses to showcase not only her music but her podcast as well. Naturally, Lizzy Jane pushes the conversation through her podcast inviting not only artists, but innovators in the space like DanceSafe, Lance Dunlop from Live Nation, and content creator Emma Kapotes. Already having a busy schedule, Lizzy Jane got the opportunity to perform on big stages at Imagine Music Festival, Bass Canyon, and North Coast. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with legendary Figure for’s top Dubstep track of 2022. Lizzy Jane mentioned the hard work she has been doing in the background to prepare for her EP and possible changes to her live set. Nevertheless, Lizzy Jane is someone to anticipate for the upcoming year and we truly are eager to watch her lift up voices and elevate in the scene.

Lando Burch

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Lando Burch - Hawk Eye Watch

After a big push and resurgence with the Disco genre through TikTok and artists dipping their toes into it this year, Lando Burch is someone breaking into that space. Although it is a different corner of the electronic scene, he is continuously growing within the Future-Funk community and becoming a staple. After releasing his album Saturn St earlier in the year along with some festival spotlights at Sonic Bloom and Underground Music Showcase, Lando Burch is ready to embrace the love from the Future-Funk family and SlingShot crew in LA. It is already sounding like 2023 will be a big year for him. So, grab your funky shoes because we are ready to groove with Lando Burch as we keep a hawk-eye watch on him!


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camoufly press

Welcome the remarkable talent that is camoufly. As he continues to explore the elegance and sparkling realm of melodies and sounds, we couldn’t help but fall in love with his music. After releasing a massive Faith EP, remix with Manila Killa, and a pretty dancefloor-loving single “Kaleidoscope,” which is featured in Big Gigantic’s latest Winter Chill Mix, the catalog for him is climbing the charts. There is no slowing down for the remarkable talent as he continues to experiment and make our skin sparkle for 2023. Overall we can’t wait to see what camoufly has to share with us next year and hope to see him perform in the US soon!


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Skelltyn - Hawk Eye Watch
Photo Credit: Yvonne Gougelet

This year we have been introduced to a force to be reckoned with. Immediately we are shown the shattering sound design that Skellytn is bringing to the drum n bass environment. Earlier this year, Skellytn released an unforgettable album, Neurocomputer, through Play Me Records. It is a bone-rattler, with intricate and complex elements. Only breaking the surface with her musical talents, she continues to shine. Skellytn has played DEF Global, Escape, Lost Lands, and recently Cyclops Cove. While already having a great start for 2023 by playing support on select dates with Boogie T, it only seems to be just the beginning for Skellytn. Surely, if Skellytn isn’t already in your rotation when it comes to Drum n Bass, then this is your time to chime in and watch the start of one of the best up-and-coming producers in the genre!


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gyrofield press

While we are on the subject of drum and bass, gyrofield immediately became a rising star in the genre. After releasing the steller and innovative Evangelion For Beginners EP during the summer, gyrofield continues to astonish everyone. Along with having an impressive resume with releases on pristine labels like Critical Music, Pilot, and Overview Music, she also got a life-changing opportunity to remix the legends NOISIA. gyrofield is a must-have in your rotation. There is a reason why the steller cat princess is one of the artists on our Hawk Eye Watch for 2023!


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This artist brings a lot of fresh-sounding elements enjoyable for everyone. Hugely involved with Barong Family and having a release with Welcome Records under her belt, RayRay is ready to break the bonds of what she is capable of. Her range goes from Hardstyle to House to Melodic-Bass. The range of her artistry is infinite and is especially shown through her debut album Unearthly World. RayRay is slowly making herself known more in the US but continues to surprise the crowds wherever she goes. If you are looking for a refreshing artist for your playlists, RayRay is one to add.


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The leader of Tabula Rasa continues to dazzle us with their talent and the wide variety spectrum of genius they bring to the table. RamonPang pushes the limits of sounds and goes beyond realms of expectations. After releasing his very impressive album, Third Places, which sparkles through our headphones and leaves us in awe, he also caught the eyes of others in a live setting. He recently opened for Rossy’s headline show in LA, playing at Pantheon alongside w/out, and had his debut Denver performance at Maybe Forever. RamongPang is not only a pioneer in the producer scene but is an excellent curator under Tabula Rasa as well. Whether he himself is changing and challenging the space by bringing new sounds and styles or elevating others, RamonPang is an artist to always have on your hawk eye watch!


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The gradient-luscious and groovy producer has been on our radar a lot this past year. Gaining the attention of Madeon and Porter Robinson, salute creates a dreamy environment with their music. After getting the love from the Europe crowd, salute was able to perform their first few US dates this Fall in Denver, Brooklyn, and even opening up at Second Sky. Now gearing up to close the year with a new Boiler Room set going live to the public, the growth of the producer is noticeable to the masses. Immediately, salute becomes an act that you don’t want to miss. Whether it is when he arrives back in the US or anywhere else, you’re going to leave astonished.

Jon Casey

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Photo Credit: ElectricState

A tremendous year continues to grow for Jon Casey. After doing the festival circuit playing Global Dance Festival, Sonic Bloom, Audiotistic, and opening for Alison Wonderland at Red Rocks, it appears that Jon Casey is in the limelight. While also going on tour with Mr. Carmack and doing some of his own headlining shows, Jon Casey is becoming a household name in electronic music. Recently releasing the first single off of Alison Wonderland’s label Fuck Me Up Records, with Dabow, it is already an impressive resume to close out 2022. Now comes the undeniable reality that Jon Casey has for himself in the upcoming year. Especially with an already announced Warehouse show in New York with the FMU Records crew, Jon Casey is a name we will be seeing on tours and festivals in 2023.


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Photo Credit: RAM

Immediately, capshun became an instant hit for us. As he continues to ascend through the roman aesthetic and heavy-hitting sounds, capshun becomes an extremely exciting act to see live. Release-wise, we got an EP called LOGOS as well as a track on the second edition of the We Are Deadbeats compilation. While also embarking on his own set of headline shows around the US to also getting the opportunity to open for Rossy at her debut headline show in LA, the intensifying energy from capshun is contagious. He continuously brings a refreshing sound to the bass and trap scene that allows you to become hypnotized by the sound waves while bouncing along. We are excited to see what capshun has in store for 2023.


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Vanfleet Live

Electric Hawk would like to introduce you to the incredible artist Vanfleet. She elevates an impressive-thrilling production to her releases that leave you starstruck. This year getting the opportunity to perform for the legendary SVDDEN DEATH crowd at Summoning of the Eclipse perfectly encapsulates the environment you should be listening to Vanfleet. Her intricate soundscapes and shattering bass elements definitely impress us and the crowds around her. Already planned in Vanfleet’s book is performing at the legendary Red Rocks in the Spring, where she will open for SVDDEN DEATH! We are enthusiastic to continue our hawk eye watch on Vanfleet!


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Now comes an act that has been ascending in the bass scene. Yoko continues to bring the crowd innovative sound designs. Recently, Yoko got to share her debut album Beneath the High Sea. The album showcases an array of sounds that transport the audience to an under-the-sea experience. The growth is highly noticed as she progresses in her vision. She is having a huge year, getting to perform at Secret Dreams, Big Dub, and also be a part of Deep Dark & Dangerous: Danceportation at Meow Wolf. Yoko truly is an impressive artist. She is only going to continue to ascend within the space. Now is your time to get a head start and add Yoko to your daily rotation for 2023.


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This rising star brings complex and unique sound design to create exhilarating energy for our ears. DAIZY recently got added to the booking and management side of the Solace Family roster. This will help elevate the possibilities for the emerging artist based in Korea. She also has the massive support of the innovative collective Partica Artists Group. Also getting recognition with the Brownies & Lemonade crew, DAIZY is only getting things heated up as she closes the year. We are anticipating hearing more from her and are excited to keep an eye on her for 2023!


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Photo Credit: ysa

Electric Hawk is always craving that electro-soul goodness with a little bit of a twist and Steller brings that perfect combination to the stage. Steller came in with an incredible year. Forbidden Kingdom, Moonrise Festival, Boo!, and the legendary Lollapalooza were all graced with Steller. Along with releasing her Another Love EP on Bassrush, she has attention from MorFlo Records for their compilation. She is a part of the REAPER remix compilation of his DISRUPTOR album as well. Steller also recently released her collab with rising star Zingara. The psychedelic bass and electro-grittiness has become a signature style for Steller. Now having plans set to perform at Okeechobee next Spring, it appears Steller is ready to bring the sonic grooves to the masses.


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MZG hawk eye watch
Photo Credit: Roger Dean

The twin duo arrives after having a monstrous year. Collabs with Big Gigantic and Manic Focus are under their belt now. MZG is also getting huge recognition for playing at Rowdytown X, Another World with GRiZ, Hulaween, Sonic Bloom, and many others. MZG elevates the party wherever they get on stage. Now about to elevate to the next level by joining the Mammoth Music Group family last month, the outlook for 2023 is bright for them. Don’t sleep on the hottest duo that continues to break the realm. It appears they have some surprises in store for everyone for the new year. MZG deserves to be on our Hawk Eye Watch for 2023!

lord genmu

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lord genmu hawk eye watch

While overall it may appear that the artist had a fairly quiet year, that is not the case. One of the favorite IDs from G Jones’ sets happens to be one of his. He is also getting recognition from DOME OF DOOM, MAYBE FOREVER, and other renowned artists. His mix, “genmucorp,” only scratches the surface of the beautifully-metallic sound design that lord genmu has in their arsenal. The anticipation of what lord genmu has in store for us only builds. Truly, an act to keep a Hawk Eye watch on while patiently waiting for that craved G Jones ID.


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Moovy Cyclops Cove
Photo Credit: Bayked

Immediately, Moovy impresses with her growth from the beginning of 2022 to where she is about to end the year. After playing Cyclops Cove, she also got the opportunity to perform at EDC Orlando, Forbidden Kingdom, and Summoning of the Eclipse! With an already impressive resume, Moovy is only going to grow from here. She brings those dark energies and elements to her sets that become a full-on blast to attend. We are only entering the beginning stages of the Moovy project which already leaves us with an amazing impression of her! If you are wanting to catch an artist as they are on the rise, Moovy is one of those artists to be on your watch!


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This electric duo has become an amazing sensation to watch in 2022! RaeCola brings a dazzling amount of energy wherever they go and it has caught the eyes of many. This year they released their first originals with the Bezerk EP and recently a very hypnotizing track with their new single “Bounce”. Next up for the duo in 2023 are Electric Forest, Ultra Miami, and Dirtybird Campout. It is only the beginning for this duo. If you want to be early on the RaeCola wave, now is the time to get ahead of everyone for 2023!


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Klo Red Rocks

To conclude our list, we have the shining star that is Klo! Klo unleashes a euphoric atmosphere through all her tracks and a sense of vulnerability that brings connectivity to her audience. She already has performed at the legendary Red Rocks alongside Galantis and 3LAU. She’s also enjoyed the sunshine at Splash House opening up for acts like Gryffin and ARMNHMR. After taking a very short hiatus before 2022, she already has made a massive impression on us and everyone around her. Through two big singles, she is only getting started with what she is ready to show everyone in 2023!

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