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In a venture from his typical style, Sully has released “Deeper” in partnership with vocalist han.irl <3. Out on Wakaan, the track winds through a genre-adventure delineating Sully’s talent in sound design.

“Deeper” is melodic, with sharp percussion and ear-catching switch-ups throughout. Beginning with the melting angelic echoes of han.irl <3, “Deeper” bleeds into a beat sure to make you sway. Then, the drop is a warm hug of arps and vocal cuts. It’s one of those drops that makes you teary from the feeling of hearing it at the main stage.

With a quick drum and bass section and luscious halftime close, “Deeper” showcases a new wave in the musical journey of Sully

‘Deeper’ has been an ongoing project for about four years now and, to this day, is still my favorite track I’ve ever worked on. It’s gone through so many revisions over the years and there were many times when I felt like I lost sight of what the end result should sound like. But I always knew this song was special to me and I couldn’t be happier that I saw it through.

‘Deeper’ showcases what the future sounds like from the Sully project – while I’ll always be passionate for experimental sound design and unique rhythms – I have always had a DEEPER passion for melody and songwriting. I couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter of my musical journey with the community and I think ‘Deeper’ is the perfect segue into this new world.


“Deeper” is perfect to be played in any setting, but especially when catching Sully live at one of his live performances coming up at Bang Bang, Global Dance Festival, Electric Zoo, and more.

Head to your favorite streaming service and play “Deeper” by Sully and han.irl <3 NOW!

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