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The weather is heating up. Beaches are filling. Memorial day is approaching. Summer is right around the corner. It’s time to give our playlists their seasonal updates. And what’s better than some feel-good drum n’ bass for the upcoming warmth. Check out what we got below:

NOT4MANY – ‘Organize’ (Halogenix Remix)

Halogenix is a fan favorite of many, and for good reason. The London-based artist continues to put out some of the freshest drum n’ bass in the scene. Back in 2020, he released his remix of “Organize,” a perfect tune to start off our summer playlist. With a catchy chorus and a smooth, relaxing beat from Halogenix, this song is perfect for a windows down ride on a hot July day.

Nia Archives – ‘Sober Feels’

Nia Archives is in the midst of a massive blow up. The talented UK artist, still in her early twenties, has been making waves with her style of jungle/breaks infused with catchy pop elements. Her most recent release, Forbidden Feelingz, is easily a contender for album of the year in 2022. “Sober Feels” is a release of hers from 2020, and while the lyrics may seem a little grim, an uplifting bass line, with her soothing voice culminate in a lovely summer soundtrack.

Nymfo – ‘Do Me No Good’

Dropping in the summer of 2021, “Do Me No Good” still hits, and is perfect to spin for this upcoming season. With easily repeatable lyrics, a smooth bassline and crisp drums, this tune makes for a lighthearted bop that coincides perfectly with a beers and a body of water.

Serial Killaz – ‘Good Enough’

If you’re sensing a theme in this list, well, you’re right. Another tune with catchy lyrics. “Good Enough” is backed by powerful drums, making for a loud, upbeat tune, while still maintaining the happy-go-lucky summer mood. This dynamic makes for a perfect track to belt while cruising down the highway.

Visages – ‘Sunshine Mystery’

With a name like “Sunshine Mystery“, how could this not be on the summer playlist? The catchy beat, which is emotional yet uplifting, is the main guide. Visages adds elements of a guitar as well to keep the mood up, making for a smooth summer tune.

Unglued – ‘Way Back When’ (Halogenix Remix)

Another Halogenix remix? Yes, another Halogenix remix. This remix released a few weeks ago, and instantly claimed its spot as the soundtrack of the summer. It is just too perfect not to. It is impossible not to feel good when this comes on. Grab a margarita, sit by the pool, and give this remix of “Way Back When” a spin.

LEVELZ – ‘Reach for the Sky’ (Biome Remix)

This track is simply beautiful. Biome masterfully remixed this one to make an inspiring, spirit-lifting track. It is nearly impossible to not enjoy a beautiful summer night with this tune ringing out in the background.

Pola & Bryson, Kojo – ‘Closer to Home’

I cannot rave enough about how good this song is. Off of Pola & Bryson‘s Beneath the Surface album, this song has been on repeat since it released it 2021. That will surely continue this summer. “Closer to Home” is an emotional, goosebump-inducing masterpiece. With inspiring lyrics to go along with a beautifully produced track, it goes perfectly with a crisp summer sunset.

Alix Perez, Liam Bailey – ‘Lost & Proud’

Still one of my favorite albums to come out in the last few years, “Lost & Proud” is off of Alix Perez‘s Without End. An album filled with some marvelous works of drum n’ bass, with this one possibly taking the cake. The wonderful voice of Liam Bailey, combined with Alix’s mastery makes for a heck of a tune. The enjoyable beat is accompanied by a soulful piano bit, instantly lifting the mood of a listener. “Lost & Proud” is the epitome of the perfect summer song.

Alix Perez – ‘Blank Pages’

Yes. This list ends with two Alix Perez songs. And frankly, I can’t imagine anyone complaining. The 1985 boss deserves all the love. “Blank Pages” came out on the label’s compilation last summer, and is a dazzler. With lovely lyrics that produce happy tears, grab a loved one, or a friend, play this at full volume and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with summer.

There are plenty more tracks that could add to this list. Alix Perez alone has about 8 more I feel bad about leaving off. But this is a good start. Head to a body of water, go for a drive, gather with friends – whatever it is, these tracks are the perfect soundtrack to your summer of drum n’ bass.

Honorable Mentions:

SHY FX – “Roll The Dice” (feat. Stamina MC & Lily Allen)
Lenzman – “Gimme a Sec”
Echo Brown & Lenzman – “Nokia Days”
Nia Archives – “18 & Over”
Disrupta – “Deep Thoughts”
Monty & Trail – “Cinnamon”
Redeyes, [KRS] – “A Thousand Times” (Visages Remix)

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