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Two weekends ago, Masontown, West Virginia, was bustling with excited festival goers. Through the twists and turns of the mountains, my squad and I pulled up to the gates of Yonderville, bright and early! After setting up camp at approximately 1800 feet, we had no idea what magic Marvin’s Mountaintop had in store for us.

The campgrounds were lively on the very first day. The pre-fest jitters did not stop until the campsite was set up and a Whiteclaw was in hand! Friday’s lineup was stacked with sets from Dice Man, Esseks, Wreckno, and Yheti, closing the main stage. Yonder may be a small festival, but the production is top-notch! The main stage, dubbed the Monolith stage, was complete with entire LED walls from top to bottom. Its crisp visuals and intricate lasers certainly dazzled the crowd. We can only wonder how it will turn out next time around.

stage shot of Esseks at Yonderville 2022
Esseks, by Audrey
shot of Wreckno rapping at Yonderville 2022
Wreckno, by Audrey

The scenery, production, and people made Yonderville such an enchanting weekend.

A perk of small, “homie” festivals is that the vibes are always prime. On top of that, there aren’t any vast crowds to navigate! Additionally, the festival goers and staff give off a more relaxed and considerate aura that isn’t always found at mainstream festivals. I love leaving these trips with new connections and friends!

Indeed that weekend, on Marvin’s Mountaintop, held some of the best people and sets. I experienced my first tiedye ky set while singing my heart out as he played his favorites from Hound. Earlier on Saturday, the instrumental kings Josh Teed and Jason Leech also graced the Monolith stage. Then, Yonder got an unexpected downpour during Of The Trees‘ set, but did that stop the party? Hell no! Luckily, it didn’t last long, and Saturday night proceeded on, rain-free.

Shot of the crowd still keeping the energy for Of The Trees!

Last but not least, Sunday Funday! The weather in West Virginia was perfect, and the Temple stage was bumpin’. Equipped with the finest Hennys, courtesy of Appalachian Sound Culture, the Temple was a great addition! Noteworthy artists such as Mythm and ONHELL worked that massive sound system to its potential. Typically, one might want to rest on the last day, but the energy at Yonder was still electrifying. Truth‘s late set got the crowd deep, down, and dirty as he taught us a lesson in 140.

My rating for this weekend is 11/10. The vibes and impeccable sound design puts Yonderville on the “do not miss” list of festivals. Not to mention, waking up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia wasn’t so bad either!

So… the same time next year?! 😉

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