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Time to crack open the books to learn some spells with Share and AK RENNY as they unleash “WitchCraft” on July 14th through StoryTime Records. The duo returns to conjure another sinister track since their last collaboration “Freaky” earlier this year! Now this time, stepping behind the cauldron to brew up both their styles into a tasteful and thrilling potion. “WitchCraft” awakens the inner confidence you need to take over the universe around you!

Share and AK RENNY
Left: Share – Right: AK RENNY

“I moved into the open room in AK RENNY’s apartment in October of 2021, because I knew we would make amazing music together if we were roommates and could fully immerse ourselves in music daily. We made “Freaky” with Devowr and after that we got so inspired we spent at least 4-5 hours a day producing some sort of bass house or working on sound design. I always am making grimy bass music and melodic bass, and that’s where my heart lies, but I literally cannot stop making house music. I was working on that main crunchy sub bass on serum for another bass project, and that’s when I got the inspiration to make most of “WitchCraft” in only a day. I told AK RENNY to come to my room and listen, and within 30 minutes she had made the clever lyrics that blended the witchcraft concept with being a bad bitch to match the dark energy of the song. She’s brilliant, and a bad bitch, so that always happens. On her first take on the mic she always nails the perfect vocal tonality, energy, and lyrical creativity like no one else. We recorded in my room on the spot and I took those vocals and ran with it. I came back to it just a month ago to finish mixing and mastering after a good creative mental break, which I think is super important for not overthinking and ruining music. And now its out for release!”

WitchCraft Cover Art

“WitchCraft” is an alchemist’s dream!

Immediately, we step into the classroom to learn a little black magic today. While the cauldron boils, Share instructs the class with sorcery through his ominous soundscapes to set the tone for the introduction. Following along with the haunting undertones, AK RENNY welcomes us with her hypnotic vocals. Now, fully under the spell from the duo, we witness the cauldron begin to spill over. We feel the vibrations of the thundering basslines and kicks. As it rumbles the classroom, that was only the beginning. Next, the energy of the room comes together and swirls in the cauldron. With the purple smoke ascending into the ceiling, we witness the conjured spirits awakening. Share unleashes us with a devilish switch-up in the second half of the track that opens the door to something much greater. Certainly, you weren’t expecting this for Alchemist 101 on the first day!

Nevertheless, the duo crafted a tune that brings out the mischievous spirit in us all. Through the purple smoke arises the dark energy to feel unstoppable in the night as the inner bad bitch strolls through town. Share and AK RENNY show no fear as they unleash the high-intensity track for the witches and ghouls of the night. Naturally, all it takes is a little “WitchCraft” to elevate the night. Make sure you stay up-to-date on your spells with this latest track! You’ll never know when you will want to cast this one!

Participate in some dark magic with Share and AK RENNY with “WitchCraft” below!

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