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2022 is the year of FRQ NCY. Every month it seems the Atlanta-based artist is back with a new track. Each time time it is something fresh and unique. In June, it was the more melodic “0 – X – 1. This month, he’s heating things up with the heavy tune that is “TYPE 1.”


Sitting between old and new concepts, “TYPE 1” explores different realms of creativity, while maintaining the sound we know and love.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact style that FRQ NCY goes for. And I mean that in a good way. He keeps all of his releases fresh, but still uses key elements in his sound that make it uniquely recognizable. His latest release is a great example of that. “Type 1” is reminiscent of an earlier era. The high-energy, synth-heavy build up sounds similar to the trap festival bangers that we all used to get down to. Sampling a high-pitched voice over the build to increase the tension gives off that same feel. It reminds me of a an old What So Not or Rickyxsan song that used to pop off a few years ago.

“TYPE 1 is the next chapter of sound that I’ve been exploring, kind of a balance between raw and exciting. Expect similar releases in the near future.”


We are quickly reminded that this is FRQ NCY we’re listening to once the drop hits. The song erupts into a wonky, head-nod type beat. With his sharp-cutting bass sounds, and crispy drums, it has the distinct mark of the man himself. Using a similar build, the second drop catches us a little off-guard, as it goes into a more spacey feel. It’s a little heavier as well, the perfect way to wrap up the tune, which delivered so much intensity.

Listen to “Type 1” from FRQ NCY, out now:

As mentioned earlier, FRQ NCY has been on fire this year. With much more to come, this is just the start of a potentially meteoric rise.

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