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Gem and Jam is a festival that is uniquely itself. Attendees come from far and wide to listen to some of the most beautiful, deeply spiritual music, as well as frolick amid arts and crystals. So it comes with no shock that rising organic bass producer, Josh Teed, was on the lineup. He absolutely crushed night two of the weekend on the Hennessey Sound system at Opal Stage. I got the chance to chat with Josh about what this year has in store for him. Trust me, you will want to be along for the ride!

Josh Teed Gem and Jam 2022
Josh Teed at Gem and Jam 2022

Delainey Rab, Electric Hawk: Hey! How are you? How’s life going?

Josh Teed: Pretty good, busy! I’ve just been getting settled into Colorado.

DR: Oh wow, so did you move there? That’s awesome.

Josh: Yeah, about a month ago. Right in Denver! It’s exciting.

DR: I know that’s a goal for a lot of us in the music industry!
So, we are at Gem and Jam in Tucson, Arizona. Have you ever attended or performed here?

Josh: No, this is my first time! It’s pretty cool. I really like how compact it is. There’s a lot going on, but everything is all put together so you don’t have to go far to get to another stage. Tons of great food vendors. The music has been so good so far, and the sound is, too! And the people-watching, of course.

DR: Gem and Jam is such a blast, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. This is actually the first stop on your Leaves in the Wind Tour you just announced! What other festivals and shows are going to be a part of this one?

Josh Teed: The Untz is on there, actually the last stop on the tour. I’m really stoked for that one; I’ve wanted to play at The Untz since I started making music. Aside from that, I have some stops in Brooklyn, Detroit, Denver, and more! I haven’t been out to some of these stops in a while, they should be fun!

Check out all of Josh Teed’s ‘Leaves in the Wind’ tour stops below:

DR: As many people know, you incorporate violin into your production. It’s such a unique element. Could you let our readers, who aren’t familiar, know how you initially had the idea of fusing violin with bass music? We have to prep everyone who will catch you on tour!

Josh Teed: Yeah, it was a learning curve honestly. From the beginning, I was just playing violin over covers of other random songs that I liked. It took me a while to figure out where I wanted to go with it. But, then I heard CloZee and some other artists up that alley. The style really caught my ear and inspired me to start creating more like it. Violin and other instrumentation just blended into that style, so it didn’t take me a lot of work once I got to that point. But getting there was a bit of an adventure.

DR: It all seems so seamless! The first time I heard your music, I was like, “Wow yes! This is so sick, I have to share with my friends.”

DR: Speaking of your style, we just premiered your 2022 Unreleased Mix full of new music teases. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind releasing this and how it feels to have these tunes, unofficially, out in the world?

Josh Teed: I kind of took the last 5-6 months off of putting any new music out, because I liked the music I was working on, but felt it could be better. I wanted to take some more time honing stuff in and figuring out aspects of my sound that weren’t quite right where I wanted them to be yet. The mix is a lot of my newer music that is at the standard I was hoping for! I’m really excited about how it came out.

DR: It is fantastic, I’ve listened a few times and loved it. Your sound has definitely grown!

If you are unfamiliar with Josh’s music, his 2022 Unreleased Mix is a great place to start:

DR: So you mentioned you took a break from releasing music. Were you working on anything specific you’re stoked on? Any collabs or big projects we can expect?

Josh Teed: This tour is actually a precursor to an EP coming out in the Spring! It is also titled Leaves in the Wind.

DR: We will be looking forward to it over at Electric Hawk!

DR: Who are you most excited to see this weekend?

Josh Teed: I was really excited to see Lotus last night and then Shpongle tonight. Actually, Shpongle is the first electronic music artist I ever heard!

DR: Wow, well that must feel full circle playing the same festival as the duo!
Okay, what is your go-to comfort food at a festival?

Josh Teed: Oh man, definitely pizza or chicken tenders.

DR: Can’t go wrong!
Who are your top inspirations?

Josh Teed: Easy – CloZee, CharlestheFirst, and Of The Trees!

DR: Ahh, yes! I could SO see a collaboration in your future.

It was a pleasure to get to chat with the one and only Josh Teed at Gem and Jam, earlier this month. Be sure to stream his new mix, catch him on a tour stop, and keep your eyes peeled for that upcoming EP!

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